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One of the many duties of Staff Council is to make sure that there is adequate staff representation on university groups and committees.

Staff members appointed to represent Staff Council on university committees should submit their reports on each meeting using this form.

Below is a current list of committees with Staff Council appointed members.

University Board of Directors Committees:

  • Academic Affairs Committee: Megan Connor
  • Advancement Committee: (Vacant)
  • Enrollment and Marketing: (Vacant)
  • Finance Committee: Eric Eickhoff
  • Investments Committee: Adam Nichols
  • Mission and Identity Committee: Bradley Stumpp
  • Properties, Facilities, & IT Committee: (Vacant)
  • Student Affairs Committee: Katie Jansen

UCCG Committees:

  • University Strategic Planning Group (USPG): Selen Zarrelli/(Vacant)

    This committee assists the President and Senior Leadership Team in the development of each of the University’s strategic plans with an emphasis on involvement of campus stakeholders in the process and ensuring that the final plan is measurable. Once the plan is operational, USPG focuses on monitoring the plan’s progress and reporting out to the campus community.

    • University Committee on Administrative Policies (UCAP): Maura Dooley/(Vacant)

      This committee handles review and approval of any policies outside of the jurisdiction of the HR Policy Committee (employees), UCEP (see below), or Faculty Council (faculty and curriculum). It also discusses and makes recommendations about administrative functions, including the results of administrative programs reviews, data governance, Title IX, legal issues, survey policies, and professional development for staff.

      • University Committee on the Student Learning Experience (UCSLE): (Vacant)

        This committee works to develop, implement, and evaluate initiatives that improve the student experience through a collaborative and integrative approach to policies, programs, or sponsored events that are aligned with the strategic plan and the University learning goals.

        • University Committee for Resource Allocation (UCRA): (Vacant)

          This committee reviews and advises on the following topics: the operating budget (including new academic programs and savings initiatives), University space, long-term strategies for property acquisition and divestiture, and project prioritization and budgets for capital improvements and technology needs.

          • University Committee on Educational Policies (UCEP): Adam Nichols

            This committee creates, reviews, recommends and monitors educational policies to ensure internal coherence and academic integrity, meet compliance standards, and implement best practices in higher education. Purely curricular matters belong to the faculty as a whole and are the University Curriculum Committee or the Curriculum Committee of the appropriate College.

            Additional Committees:

            • Human Resources Policy Review Committee: Brian Hurd
            • JCUPD Advisory Committee: Julia Arnold-Hess
            • University Benefits Committee: Adam Nichols/Shannon Volpi/Dan Borosh

            last updated: September 22, 2022

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