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The JCU vocal music program offers opportunities to sing in a wide variety of styles and structures, including for-credit and student organizations. Music includes a wide variety of styles from a host of traditions: classical to contemporary, sacred music to Broadway tunes. Whether experienced in vocal music or a newcomer, the JCU vocal music program has something for you!

JCU vocal performance opportunities include:

  • FA 1095: Chapel Ensemble 
  • Sweet Carrollines (women’s a cappella)
  • Rhapsody Blue (men’s a cappella)
  • FA 1150: Class Voice
  • FA 1560: American Song: The Broadway Stage

The JCU instrumental music program offers opportunities to play in a wide variety of ensembles highlighting different families and groupings of instruments. These ensembles are both for-credit and student organizations. Music includes a diversity of styles including classical, jazz, contemporary, pop and Broadway. Check us out…we have something for you!

JCU Instrumental Ensembles include:

  • FA 1103: Wind Ensemble
  • FA 1121: Classroom Guitar
  • Pep Band
  • FA 1131: Class Piano
  • FA 1191: Chapel Ensemble (instrumentalists)

All of the instrumental ensembles rehearse in the Music Room (room 24), located across from the Radio Station in the DJ Lombardo Student Center.



Playhouse Square
Cleveland’s theatre district and the largest performing arts center outside of New York. Located just miles from campus. Complimentary tickets to various shows at Playhouse Square are offered throughout the year by the Office of Student Engagement, courtesy of the Kulas Grant.

Severance Hall
Located in nearby University Circle. Home to the Cleveland Orchestra, one of the world’s most sought-after performing ensembles. Students often take in performances for free or at a reduced price at these performing arts venues throughout the area.

If you are interested in any of the opportunities listed above, contact with any questions.