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Academic advising is central to the student experience at John Carroll. Whether pursuing internships or registering for classes, you can turn to your advisor for help. Advisors can refer you to appropriate on- and off-campus resources, assist in academic planning, and provide career development support. 

From summer orientation through graduation students will have the support and help from an advisor. Once you have declared your major, you will work with an advisor in your major field of study every semester while a student at JCU.  

Click here to access the Career Center webpage, our student success collaboration partner!

academic success

Still deciding on what to study?

What can they do for you?

Advisors are faculty or staff who guide you from orientation to graduation and sometimes even later. You should consult with them to better understand the major you are pursuing, to choose the courses you take, and to evaluate internships and study abroad opportunities. If you are facing difficulties with courses, they can help you find solutions and connect you to the appropriate resources.

Course Program of Study (CPOS)

ALEKS Placement Guidance

Meet the Advising Staff!

Come See Us! Your Success is Our Success!

The Academic Success Center provides one-on-one meetings students to help you improve your study skills, set short-and-long-term goals, and reflect on academic and vocational plans. Get help with 5-day study plans, motivation, time management, note-taking, studying and reading strategies, goal setting, test anxiety, procrastination, and concentration. 

You can schedule meetings at any point during the academic year, but an optimal time to seek support is at the start of a semester. You can review syllabi, plan ahead, set goals, and devise course-specific strategies. Our staff will help you prepare for finals and reflect on and revise academic skills for future coursework. Our academic focus areas are listed next to our names. To schedule an academic success appointment with an academic success advisor, please click this Handshake link.


Laura Atkins, Assistant Provost, Student Success


Dr. Carlo DeMarchi, Assistant Dean, Academic Success


Megan Fair, Graduate Assistant, Boler College of Business



Toni Halter, M. A., Professional Advisor, Boler College of Business

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Academic Success

Lynn Lucas, Administrative Assistant



Ed Mish, Academic Success Advisor, Deciding Students, Humanities, Social Sciences

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Lisa Ramsey, M. Ed., Academic Success Advisor, Deciding Students, Humanities, Social Sciences

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Laurie Schneck, Professional Advisor, Boler College of Business

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Kore Sharpley, Academic Success Advisor, STEM
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For more information about peer success advising click here!

Looking for a bit of academic help or coaching from the student perspective? Wondering how to improve your study skills, time management, goal setting, or note-taking better this semester?

Our Peer Success Advisors (PSA's) can help you with your academic concerns and many others! Drop in the Mastrantoni Family Student Success Commons in the Grasselli Library to meet with a Peer Success Advisor when the time is right for you. Here are the Fall 2022 office hours for the PSA's:  

Mondays:  8:30am - 6pm;

Tuesdays:  8:30am - 9:30am; 11am - 6pm;

Wednesdays:  8:30am - 10am; 1pm - 3pm; 5pm - 6pm;

Thursdays:  8:30am - 9:30am; 11am - 6pm;

Fridays:  8:30am - 10:30am; 11am - noon; 1:30pm - 5:30pm

Meet the Peer Success Advisors:


Sophia Alberico - My name is Sophia and I am a junior at JCU. I am a Sociology Major with Minors in Leadership Development and Psychology. I am also a tour guide, CFC leader, leadership scholar, and a student government senator. 


Madison Bohacek - Hi, I am Madison Bohacek from Northfield Center, Ohio. I am a senior double majoring in Cell & Molecular Biology and Theology & Religious Studies. I am a member of the Honors Program, involved in Carroll Faith Communities, and a member of Running Club. 


Morgan Anderson - Hi everyone! My name is Morgan Anderson and I am from Ashtabula, Ohio. I am a Sociology and Criminology major with a concentration in Forensic Behavioral Studies and Law. My minors are in Leadership Development and Professional Writing. On campus, I am a member of Chi Omega, on SUPB’s Executive Board and I am a Student Liaison for CSSA!

Ali Horner

Allison (Ali) Horner - My name is Ali Horner, and I am a senior majoring in data science and classical languages.  I grew up in Medina, Ohio and when I am not working on academics, I enjoy knitting, playing board games, and painting.  I am a member of the Alpha Kappa Psi business fraternity. 


Aislyn McQueen - I am a senior from Buffalo, New York double majoring in Sociology with a concentration in Criminology and Political Science as well as minoring in Spanish and Peace, Justice, and Human Rights. I have spent my time at John Carroll being involved on campus as well as studying abroad this past summer in Ireland. 


Fall 2022 Deadlines

Course add/drop - August 29 - September 2

Midterm grades due by 3pm - October 19

Spring 2023 Priority Registration begins - October 24

Full Course withdrawal deadline - November 15

Final Exams - Dec 12 - 16

All final grades due by 3pm - Dec 19

Fall 2022 Breaks

Fall Break - October 14

Thanksgiving Break - November 23 - 27

Winter Break begins - Dec 17

University Offices closed - Dec 23 - Jan 3

Download full calendar of dates and deadlines here: can be found at the Office of Registrar page.

Boler College of Business Undergraduate Advising

Advising resources specifically for students pursuing a degree in the Boler College of Business are available. Click here for more Boler Advising resources.

New Student Orientation Advisor

Your orientation advisor will answer your questions about the University core curriculum as well as about your intended major, if you have one.  This advisor will also help you select and register for your fall classes to make sure you are off to a good start!

Academic Success Advisors

While these staff advisors are the advisors of record for some students, they are available to assist any student with things such as academic coaching, course selection including add/drop, major selection, or any other question or issue that students may have.

Primary Advisor

From the time you begin your studies at JCU you will be assigned a faculty or staff advisor who has knowledge of the academic curriculum and policies in order to guide you successfully along your academic journey.  Once you have demonstrated success in your major you will be assigned a faculty advisor in that department.

Pre-Professional Advisors

  • Pre-Health Advisor

The assistant dean of health programs and JCU’s physician-in-residence are available to mentor and assist students interested in pursuing a career in the healthcare sector and to prepare them for the admission exams for professional schools. Further, JCU offers a course, Survey of the Health Professions, designed to familiarize students with the wide array of professions within healthcare, the educational requirements for entering these professions, and the ability to meet admissions officers from the professional schools along with those who are students or professional practitioners in the various fields.

  • Pre-Law Advisor

A JCU pre-law Advisor assists students interested in a law career on class scheduling, LSAT preparation, and general law school queries for both traditional law school programs and for the 3+3 Dual Admission in Law Program. The 3+3 Dual Admission in Law Program is a partnership between John Carroll University and Case Western Reserve University School of Law that offers students a means of obtaining both a bachelor’s and Juris Doctor degree in six years.

Change of Academic Advisor

Click here to fill out a Student Request for Advisor Change form.

Fall 2022 Events and Workshops!

Sun, Aug 28 - Sundaes for Success, 2pm - 3:30pm, Student Success Commons, Grasselli Library

Wed, Sept 14 - Academic Success Resource Fair, 2pm - 3:30pm, Student Success Commons, Grasselli Library

Wed, Sept 21 - Success Workshop: Time Management (co-sponsored by Student Government), 6pm - 6:45pm, Student Success Commons, Grasselli Library

Wed, Oct 5 - Success Workshop:  Defeating Procrastination (co-sponsored by Student Government), 6pm - 6:45pm, Student Success Commons, Grasselli Library

Wed, Oct 12 - Meet Your Major!, 2pm - 3:30pm, Various Locations - see below

  • Biology/Chemistry - Murphy Room
  • Psychology, Engineering Physics/Physics, Computer Science, Data Science, Math - O'Dea Room
  • Sports Leadership/Exercise Science, Pre-Health/Nursing - Murphy Commons
  • Classical and Modern Languages and Cultures, Communication, Education, English, Gender Studies Women's Studies, History, Peace Justice & Human Rights, Philosophy, Political Science, Sociology & Criminology & Theology & Religious Studies - Jardine Room
  • Business Majors (Accounting, Economics, Finance, Financial Planning & Wealth Management, International Business with Language & Culture, Marketing, Management & Human Resources, & Supply Chain Management) - LSC Conference Room

Join us in one room or visit them all!

Wed, Oct 26 - Success Workshop:  Topic TBD, 6pm - 6:45pm, Student Success Commons, Grasselli Library

Wed, Nov 9 - Success Workshop:  Bounce Back after a Bad Test Grade (co-sponsored by Student Government), 6pm - 6:45pm, Student Success Commons, Grasselli Library

Wed, Nov 30 - Success Workshop: Preparing for Finals (Co-sponsored by the Honors Student Association) , 6pm - 6:45pm, Student Success Commons, Grasselli Library  


Services offered by the university include, but are not limited to:

Campus Ministry

Center for Career Services

Center for Student Diversity and Inclusion

Dean of Students

Information Technology Services

Learning Commons

Residence Life

Student Accessibility Services

Student Health Center

The Writing Center

University Counseling Center







              Common Concerns, FAQ's, and Resources

              The Academic Success Center is located in the Mastrantoni Family Student Success Commons on the second floor of the Grasselli Library.  We are co-located with the Career Center, our collaboration partner.  

              You can visit us in person in the Grasselli Library or reach us by:

              Phone - 216.397.4211

              Email -


              Follow us on social media for important academic tips and deadlines:

              Instagram - jcu_success

              Twitter:  @JcuSuccess

              Facebook:  JCU Academic Success

              Students can make an appointment with an Academic Success Advisor through Handshake.  Schedule an appointment in 3 easy steps:

              1.  Login to

              2.  Use your John Carroll email as a username and set your own password

              3.  Click on this link on Handshake to schedule an Academic Success appointment.  Select the type of appointment you are interested in and a time that works best for you!

              You may also call 216.397.4211 or email to set up an appointment.

              The Academic Success Advisors in the Academic Success Center who advise Deciding students can talk with students about choosing a major.  In addition, the Career Advisors in the Career Center regularly meet with students about major and career selection.  Students can make an appointment in Handshake for either department to start this conversation.  

              Students who wish to change their academic advisor should complete the Student Request for Advisor Change form.

              Click here for a quick video on how to reach the Advisor Change form.

              Watch this short video to learn how to change your major or minor.

              See this short clip to learn how to remove a major or minor.

              The terms “drop” and “withdrawal” are not interchangeable at John Carroll.  A student drops, or removes a registered course from their schedule, during the Add/Drop period specified by the Office of the Registrar.  Dropping a course leaves no record of registration on the transcript. After the Add/Drop period ends, a student withdraws from a course to remove it from their schedule. A course withdrawal is noted as a W on the transcript and does not impact a student’s grade point average. However, the credits carried by the course are considered as attempted credits. 

              Students are considered enrolled in a course until they have completed formal drop and/or withdrawal procedures. Students who never attend or stop attending a course without following proper drop and/or withdrawal procedures automatically receive a WF, which is a failing grade and is computed in the grade point average.

              New, first-year and transfer students in their first term of enrollment who wish to drop or withdraw from a course must first consult with their advisor. The advisor will then contact Student Enrollment and Financial Services (SEFS) to process the withdrawal request.  All other continuing students are not required to consult with their advisor, but must still visit Student Enrollment and Financial Services to process the drop or withdrawal.

              Registration guidelines, dates, and deadlines for part-term and full-term courses are posted on the Office of the Registrar’s webpage.

              If you were registered for 12 credits at the end of the add/drop period (that is, you have been billed for 12 credits), and go below 12 credits as a result of a course withdrawal, then you are still considered as a full-time student for most scholarships.

              However, dropping below 12 credits may have consequences for international students on a student visa, student-athletes, and students with external scholarships (e.g., scholarships paid by the US Department of Veteran Affairs).

              Thus, if a course withdrawal could leave you attending less than 12 credits, please check with your advisor and Student Enrollment and Financial Services that you can do it.

              There are three ways for students to get help with time management or other study skills.  Students can schedule an appointment with an Academic Success Advisor, our full-time professional staff through Handshake for one-on-one academic coaching. Students can also meet with a Peer Success Advisor (student staff) for academic coaching from a student’s perspective. Finally, students can enroll in AS 112, Academic Success Strategies, a 1-credit course designed to help students develop learning strategies, time management, goal setting, and other academic skills. Students will reflect on motivations, achievements, and challenges in college, while identifying helpful campus resources, building community, and taking tangible steps to become a more successful student.  

              Academic Warning - Students are placed on Academic Warning whenever their semester average drops below 2.0 while their cumulative average remains above this minimum. 

              The University reserves the right to consider other indicators of satisfactory progress toward degree completion in its determination of Academic Warning. These indicators include an unsatisfactory grade point average in the major (as required by the department) or Boler Core (below a 2.0 GPA), or multiple course Failures and Withdrawals. Students may remain on Academic Warning for two consecutive semesters. Students who do not improve their academic record after two semesters on Warning will be placed on Academic Probation. 

              Students may not appeal the sanctions of Academic Warning and Probation.

              Academic Probation - Students are placed on Academic Probation when their cumulative grade point average drops below a 2.0, or who have been on Academic warning for two consecutive semesters. Students on probation are subject to the following restrictions:

              1. Course registration is limited to 12-13 semester hours.
              2. Varsity student-athletes may not compete nor travel with teams for competition. They may sit on the bench at home competitions, but not in uniform. In order to practice while on Academic Probation, a student may initiate a "Permission to Practice Procedure," which involves signatures of approval and must be processed in the Office of the Registrar. The student will be charged a season of eligibility for team practice. Summer team travel is permitted with Coach and Athletic Director approvals. 
              3. They may not pledge a fraternity or sorority, or hold any elective or appointive office on campus. Students remain on Academic Probation for at least one semester until the 2.0 cumulative grade point average is earned. Probationary status may extend for up to two, consecutive semesters.

              Students may not appeal the sanctions of Academic Probation.

              Students must apply for graduation through the online Graduation Application available through their Banner account during the period announced in the University calendar.

              Graduation requirements include general requirements, all Core requirements, and all requirements for the major. Successful completion of at least 120 semester credit hours, with a quality-point average of at least 2.0, is required for graduation. This minimum average must be met in the major and overall. In addition, the Boler College of Business requires a 2.0 average in the business courses. The College of Arts and Sciences requires students to meet with their major advisor to review the completion of their degree. An audit signed by the department chair is required by some interdisciplinary programs and should be returned to the Registrar’s Office.

              Student academic records are sealed at the time the degree is conferred. After the degree conferral date, changes—with the exception of errors or omissions—cannot be made to the student record.

              Students can connect with the Academic Success Center via phone, email, or in-person. 

              • Location: Grasselli Library, Mastrantoni Family Student Success Commons
              • Phone: 216.397.4211
              • E-mail:
              • Website: 
              • Instagram: jcu_success
              • Twitter: @JcuSuccess
              • Facebook: JCU Academic Success