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Vince Minniti ’15, ’18G has always sought career opportunities that have an impact on his community. He was a teacher at St. Jerome and an assistant track coach at John Carroll, two positions which he felt he had potential to make a great impact in. 

Minniti returned to school to earn his Master’s degree in nonprofit administration from John Carroll in 2018. Since then, he has been able to intertwine athletics with his passion for impacting the youth as an athletic director for the Diocese of Cleveland’s Catholic Youth Organization (CYO), which is the athletic branch within Catholic Charities. 

I chose to enroll in the nonprofit administration program at John Carroll as an opportunity to discover different ways to be a better person for those around me and most importantly, those less fortunate than me. It helped me realize what it truly meant to be a person for others.

During his time in the program, Minniti strengthened his organization and time management skills for one, but the most important thing he gained from the program was the understanding that the world is an imperfect place. 

We can always work to be better people for others and to have a positive impact on those around us. It taught me to be bigger than myself. Things may not always go the way we want, but there are others less fortunate than us that need our help more than we know.

As an athletic director for CYO, Minniti oversees all of the member parishes and schools in the organization throughout the Cleveland and Akron dioceses. Specifically, he creates and runs programs for the development of youth coaches and grade school student-athletes, evaluates and modifies rules and regulations for CYO programs and schedules games and matches for 10 different sports that the organization offers. 

Minniti was strongly impacted by each of his professors in the Nonprofit Administration program in many ways, but what stuck out to him the most was the continual involvement that program director, Dani Robbins had with the students throughout their time as graduate students at John Carroll. 

“I am a firm believer of great leadership and the impact it can have on those within an organization or program,” Minniti said. “Dani’s involvement is inspiring and her vision to take the program to new heights showed me that she truly did care about every single student, professor, and anyone else associated with the nonprofit program.”

Having the opportunity to work with Dani made things exciting and fun because of the wisdom and energy she brings into any class, meeting, or conversation. She motivates everyone around her to do great things.