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The essence of a Jesuit education lies in a perpetual quest for knowledge, meaning, and understanding of God. This drive pushes Jesuit institutions to constantly question their purpose and role in the world. The Mission Priority Examen (MPE) offers a framework for Jesuit colleges and universities to engage in deep conversations about their mission, set goals, and work towards achieving them.

Key questions driving the MPE include inquiries into what defines a Jesuit institution, the contemporary significance of Jesuit sponsorship, and how these institutions will uphold their Jesuit and Catholic mission in the future. 

The MPE, initiated in 2016 and continuing through a second phase launched in 2021, aims to facilitate reflection, goal-setting, and action among the 28 schools of the Association of Jesuit Colleges and Universities (AJCU) and their Associate Members. This repeating cycle seeks to reinforce the mission of Jesuit higher education, fostering its growth and sustainability over time. 

The MPE is a collaborative effort deeply grounded in the Ignatian tradition. Although it shares similarities with academic accreditation processes, its fundamental spirit diverges significantly:

  • An invitation by the regional Jesuit Provincial initiates each school's participation in the process and underscores particular areas of emphasis, on which the college or university will focus its reflection. 
  • After wide-ranging campus discussion, the school writes a brief self-study and puts forth two to four Jesuit Mission Priorities that lend clarity to its mission plans and commitments. The organizing document for the schools' self-studies, and the MPE process as a whole, is Characteristics of Jesuit Higher Education: A Guide for Mission Reflection.
  • A Peer Team of trusted AJCU colleagues -- jointly appointed by AJCU and the Province -- visit the campus to engage in discussions with various campus constituencies, and provide feedback on the school's Mission Priorities. 
  • The Jesuit Superior General reviews all submitted materials, in order to reaffirm the school's Jesuit, Catholic mission and provide guidance for its growth.
  • Finally, the school implements its Mission Priorities and connects them to its strategic plan and other key documents and projects. 

1. Deepen the University's commitment to peace, justice, and sustainability. 

2. Integrate an Ignatian pedagogy of experience, reflection, and action more fully into the student learning experience and across the broader campus community. 

3. Enable all members of the University community to explore, deepen, and share their faith or worldview in dialogue with people of all cultural and faith backgrounds.

4. Improve the diversity of the faculty, staff, and student body in order to foster a culture of inclusive excellence. 

5. Continue to establish and engage a vibrant community of companions in mission who animate the University and train and mentor others for mission.

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