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Mission Lectures and Programs at JCU

John Carroll hosts a wide variety of mission-based lectures and workshops that are open to the JCU community and often times to friends and neighbors as well. If you are a sponsoring department, and you would like a program added to this list, please email

  • All Campus Ministry events and liturgies are listed on their website.
  • All Center for Service and Social Action special events and programs are listed on their website.



The JCU Companions in Mission program is a series of two semester-long, cohort-based formation experiences for staff and faculty at John Carroll University. Part 1 or 5he program involves study of the Jesuit Catholic tradition of higher education and contemporary issues, an introduction to Ignatian spirituality and a day of retreat/reflection, a local service experience, and a practical application to one’s work. The Office of University Mission and Identity will sponsor and staff the program with the help of campus partners and content experts. The Program is open to faculty and staff who are nominated by their area vice president or dean and consists of the following components:

Study of the Jesuit Catholic Tradition of Higher Education:

The cohort will have five two-hour workshop sessions during which they discuss brief assigned readings and videos on the following topics:

  1. Ignatian spirituality, rooted in the life of Ignatius, with a focus on Ignatian discernment
  2. How the Jesuits became involved in education and Jesuit education today
  3. John Carroll University’s identity as (1) a university, (2) Catholic, (3) Jesuit, and (4) open to “people of all faiths and no faith”
  4. JCU’s identity (continued) and inclusive excellence
  5. Jesuit mission: promoting a faith that does justice

An Understanding and Experience of the Spiritual Exercises of St. Ignatius

Participants will learn about the “Examen” and the JCU Framework for Ignatian Reflection and partake in a day of reflection off campus in which there is conversation about the Autobiography of St. Ignatius and short talks on the Spiritual Exercises to help guide their reading, reflection, and prayer.

Service Experience

Participants spend part of a day working with the poor and the marginalized in Cleveland, with whom we have established relationships. The day will conclude with a reflection. Participants can choose between one of two or three options, including the Jesuit Day of Service and Labre.

Practical Application:

Participants will come to the final session prepared to share a one-page reflection about what they have learned and how it might inspire or inform the work they do and how they lead. They will identify their own areas of interest for further study and evaluate the program to improve it for the next cohort.

Program Outcomes–As a result of participating in this program, participants will:

  • Deepen their existing knowledge and understanding of Ignatian spirituality and Jesuit education
  • Articulate the distinctiveness of Jesuit education at John Carroll University
  • Understand themselves as “companions in mission” who share responsibility for advancing the Jesuit mission of John Carroll

Time Commitment:

  • Five mornings (fall cohorts) or afternoons (spring cohorts) for approximately two hours.
  • One day of reflection (off campus)
  • One service experience with those who are poor and marginalized in Cleveland
  • One concluding meal after the last workshop

For more information, please contact Fr. Tom Pipp, S.J., Director of Ignatian Formation, at or 216-397-1594.

The Ignatian Colleagues Program is a national 18-month formation program for administrators and faculty in Jesuit higher education. Participants join a national cohort of 40-50 people and participate in a variety of face-to-face meetings, online education, a weeklong retreat, and an international immersion trip. As part of their capstone experience, they complete a mission project that is related to their work. Click here to learn more about the program

The following people have completed or are currently participating in the program and serve as resources to our community to advance John Carroll’s mission within and beyond their divisions. Click on their name to learn more about their experience and specialized mission interests.

Sherri A. Crahen

Sherri A. Crahen, Ph.D. – Dean of Students – Associate Vice President Student Affairs

ICP Cohort 6: August, 2013 – January, 2015

Immersion Experience: Nicaragua, June, 2014

ICP Capstone Project: Profession Development Around Mission for Student Affairs Colleagues

Richard Day

Richard A. Day – Assistant Vice President of Development

ICP Cohort 10: August, 2017 – January, 2019

Immersion Experience: Nicaragua, February, 2018

ICP Capstone Project:

head shot of red headed woman

Tina M. Facca-Miess – Management, Marketing and Logistics – Associate Professor

ICP Cohort 7: August, 2014 – January, 2016

Immersion Experience:

ICP Capstone Project:

Sr. Katherine Feely, SND



Margaret (Peggy) O. Finucane, Ph.D. – The Tim Russert Department of Communication and Theatre Arts – Associate Professor

ICP Cohort 8: August, 2015 – January, 2017

Immersion Experience:

ICP Capstone Project:

Malia McAndrew

Jennifer Malia McAndrew, Ph.D. – History – Associate Professor

ICP Cohort 7: August, 2014 – January, 2016

Immersion Experience:

ICP Capstone Project:

Mark D. McCarthy

Mark D. McCarthy, Ph.D. – Student Affairs – Vice President Student Affairs

ICP Cohort 5: August, 2012 – January, 2014

Immersion Experience: Nicaragua, June, 2013

ICP Capstone Project:Living Our Mission: A Model of Staff Development in Student Affairs

Associate Professor

Degrees: Ph.D., Harvard University

Maryclaire Moroney received her Ph.D from Harvard University in 1991, and specializes in Renaissance poetry, with a particular focus on Spenser and Milton.

Edward Peck Profile Picture

Edward J. Peck, Ph.D. – Mission and Identity – Vice President for University Mission and Identity

ICP Executive Director: August, 2008 – June, 2014

Immersion Experience: Nicaragua, El Salvador

ICP Capstone Project: Ignatian Colleagues Program

Santilli head shot

Nicholas R. Santilli, Ph.D. – Provost and Academic Vice President’s Office – Interim Provost and Academic Vice President

ICP Cohort 2: August, 2009 – January, 2011

Immersion Experience: Nicaragua, 2010

ICP Capstone Project: Finding Harmony: Academic Excellence is the Mission

Karen Schuele Profile Picture

Karen Schuele, Ph.D – Accountancy – Professor

ICP Cohort 2: August, 2009 – January, 2011

Immersion Experience: El Salvador, March, 2010

ICP Capstone Project: A Business School in a Jesuit Institution: Impact on How We Teach and What We Teach?

Mark Storz Profile Picture

Mark G. Storz, Ph.D. – Education and School of Psychology – Associate Professor

ICP Cohort 1: August, 2008 – January, 2010

Immersion Experience: El Salvador, June, 2009

ICP Capstone Project: A Primer on Ignatian Pedagogy for Graduate Teaching Assistants and Part-time Graduate Faculty

Steven Vitatoe Profile Picture

Steven P. Vitatoe – Admissions – Assistant Vice President Undergrad Admission

ICP Cohort 5: August, 2012 – January, 2014

Immersion Experience: Nicaragua, June, 2013

ICP Capstone Project: Integrated Marketing & Communications

Mark Waner Profile Picture

Mark J. Waner, Ph.D. – Woodrow Wilson Teaching Fellows and Chemistry Associate Professor

ICP Cohort 4: August, 2011 – January, 2013

Immersion Experience: Nicaragua, June, 2012

ICP Capstone Project: Assessing the Integration and Impact of Ignatian Pedagogy on the Woodrow Wilson Ohio Teaching Fellowship Program