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The Government and Community Relations team is responsible for advancing John Carroll’s interests by building beneficial relationships with local, state, and federal government entities, as well as private and nonprofit organizations—providing timely answers to community inquiries, links to campus resources, and facilitating partnerships based on the University’s Jesuit educational mission.

In the community, our office:

  • Represents the University to the community, and just as importantly, the community to John Carroll.
  • Advises University officials and departments on matters that have community implications. “Town-gown” issues include construction, student behavior, environmental health, housing, planning, purchasing, safety, and transportation.
  • Collaborates with University colleagues to define and communicate positions regarding the University’s needs and interests in the local community, particularly with respect to the campus master plan and other strategic priorities.
  • Plans and coordinates meetings with city officials, neighborhood groups, and community organizations such as the John Carroll Relations Panel.
  • Serves as the University’s liaison at the local level by attending both University Heights and Shaker Heights City Council and other public meetings and serving as the University’s spokesperson as appropriate.
  • Serves as the University’s liaison with neighbors and community representatives in responding to requests, resolving complaints, and building positive relationships. This includes working collaboratively with the Vice President of Student Affairs office on matters related to students and student conduct while living in the community.
  • Collaborates with University colleagues and community representatives to plan and promote services, programs, activities, and events (both on campus and in the community) that will add value to neighborhood relationships and ensure goodwill.
  • Communicates information about government and community activities at John Carroll through personal contact, the website, email and enews, publications, and other means.
  • Participates in and provides support to events and activities sponsored by public and civic entities in neighboring communities.

At the state level, the Government and Community Relations team:

  • Represents the University to both the executive and legislative branches in the State of Ohio and works to secure state funding for University priorities by cultivating relationships with state officials and staff. This requires travel to Columbus, Ohio, and other locations in the state to represent the University.
  • Tracks bills for the legislative session and inform faculty, staff, and students about their impact on the University.

At the federal level, our office:

  • Represents the University to the federal government by cultivating relationships with federal officials and staff and serves as the University’s principal liaison with them. This requires travel to Washington, D.C., and locations in the state to represent the University.
  • Educates the University community about relevant federal government actions.

Related to government funding, our office:

  • Collaborates with University colleagues and external consultants to develop strategies for achieving institutional priorities through government funding.
  • Enlists and supports other University offices in preparing proposals for federal and state grants — both competitive grants and earmarked appropriations.
  • Develops a legislative advocacy network of University alumni to work with elected state and federal representatives to urge them to preserve core state and federal support for the University and higher education.
  • Manages the work of consultants who may be retained (project specific) to assist with government funding at the local, state, and federal level.
  • Cultivates long-term and ongoing relationships between key constituents (e.g., members of the University’s Board of Directors, alumni, other civic leaders) and public officials who are in a position to help the University.
  • Arranges meetings between University leaders / key constituents and public officials to obtain support for proposed projects.

Related to Government policy, our office:

  • Monitors legislative, regulatory, and policy issues related to higher education, particularly federal and state appropriation and authorization bills and coordinate the University’s response in collaboration with national, regional, and local associations and allies. This is an oversight function that may entail delegation of responsibility to others.
  • Works with colleagues to develop and implement activities designed to obtain legislative and other support for positions advocated by the University.
  • Cultivates relationships with state and federal officials and their staff.
  • Collaborates with appropriate national and state associations of higher education to communicate consistent positions on public policy issues to elected and appointed officials.
  • Drafts position statements and correspondence on policy issues on behalf of the University president and other leaders.
  • Coordinates “grass-roots advocacy” by constituents (e.g., faculty, staff, administrators, students, alumni, board of directors, and donors) in support of institutional priorities.

John Carroll University is recognized as a outstanding, private, educational institution that prepares graduates for productive employment, leadership, and service in Northeast Ohio and around the world.

Less recognized are the direct contributions that John Carroll makes as an economic engine within our region. To see how JCU has more than a $127 million impact, please view the documents below:

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