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2024-2025 Graduate/Athletic Assistantship Application is Closed.

Applications were due February 15, 2024*

*An application to the M.S. program in Biology automatically includes consideration for a graduate assistantship and application was due February 1, 2024.

The 2025-2026 Graduate/Athletic Assistantship Application process will open in early December 2024.

Assistantships are awarded competitively and offer tuition award up to 15 credit hours per year plus a stipend. In return, graduate/athletic assistants are ordinarily expected to work on-campus for a department 20 hours weekly for a full-time position conducting research, teaching, or work related to the department. Employment outside of the graduate/athletic assistantship is not permitted. The term of the assistantship is one year and is normally renewed for a second year upon satisfactory performance, with the potential for a third year in certain programs. 

Note: Positions are contingent on funding

  • Acceptance into a graduate degree program
  • Overall GPA of 3.0 minimum
  • Expertise and experience that matches the requirements of the position

The Graduate/Athletic Assistantship Application opens in early December annually. The application includes an uploaded statement of purpose and résumé.

Transcripts: If students submitted transcripts through the Program Application for admission, these will automatically be attached to the Graduate/Athletic Assistantship Application. 

It is imperative that by the February 15 deadline the applicant has also fully completed the application to a graduate program. This means that all application material must be received by February 15th including official transcripts, test scores, and necessary interviews, if applicable.

Shortly after February 15, all complete Graduate/Athletic Assistantship Applications will be forwarded to each department or office with available positions. Graduate/Athletic Assistantship Applications will only be reviewed if the applicant’s Program Application is also complete. Interviews are normally conducted as part of the selection process. Students are welcome to apply to multiple positions with one application. As departments make decisions, students will be notified about each position via status updates to their online status page.

When an offer for a graduate assistantship is made, a recommendation for appointment is submitted to the Associate Academic Vice President. Upon approval of the appointment, a contract will be offered via the student's status page. The student must sign and return the contract to complete the appointment process.

Graduate assistantships are meant to provide graduate students with opportunities to improve their skills in teaching, research, and/or leadership and to offer practical experience while pursuing a graduate degree. Graduate students seeking assistantships should present themselves in the most favorable light and approach the process in the same way as applying for a job.

  • Know what each department does before applying for an assistantship. Check the department’s website and make sure you have the necessary skills to contribute to the department.
  • Read the job description carefully, keeping in mind the fit between your knowledge, skills, and abilities, and the desired qualifications of the position.
  • Customize the application materials in a way that communicates a good fit for the position.
  • The contents of your application will determine whether or not you are invited for an interview.

Your statement of purpose and résumé should answer the following questions:

  • How do your interests, values, and skills fit the department’s mission, values, and needs?
  • How does your experience fit the content knowledge required for the position?
  • What strengths would help you to succeed in this position?
  • How does this position fit with your professional goals and objectives?


More information regarding the total cost of attendance can be found here.

Graduate Students Talking, Mick Doyle on Left

Being a GA has been my favorite job I have ever had. Not only does it give me a sense of purpose through helping students with their goals, but it also allows me the opportunity to pursue a Master's degree in Business. Through my curriculum and experience thus far as a Graduate Assistant, I have noticed myself becoming more prepared for the professional world each day.

Mick Doyle, '23 '25G MBA