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Graduate students self-register for courses through Banner. This Registration Guide walks through the registration process.

Students should consult with their advisor in planning their course of study. Current students will need the approval of their advisor or department chairperson/program director prior to registering if:

  • They have not taken a class in the past 12 months.
  • They need permission to register for an overload.
  • They have an academic hold on their account.

Students are encouraged to register early (before finals in the preceding semester) since courses may become full or may be cancelled due to low enrollment.

Adding or dropping courses or changing from audit to credit or credit to audit is permitted only up to the published deadline in the academic calendar. Changes in a student’s course of study after the published deadline must be approved by the associate dean.

Students who audit a course are not required to take examinations, prepare class assignments, or write term papers. No letter grade is given, but the transcript shows “AD” for the course unless the instructor concludes that the “AD” is not warranted on the basis of attendance. In this case, the transcript will show an “AW” indicating failure to fulfill the attendance requirements. Students must receive the instructor’s permission to audit a course.

Matriculated students auditing courses must pay full tuition for the audited course. Financial aid in the form of federal loans and scholarship(s) awarded by the University may not be applied towards an audited course.

More information regarding the total cost of attendance can be found here.