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Many jobs in demand today did not exist a decade ago. How do you prepare for careers driven by technologies not yet invented? A well-rounded, liberal-arts-based Jesuit education provides the intellectual skills and mental agility to give you the leading edge in a wide variety of careers and entrepreneurial activities.

The Theology and Religious Studies program teaches you to think critically, communicate cogently, reflect thoughtfully, and engage passionately to address the needs of our contemporary world. If you're looking for a degree program that encourages you to become a fully rounded human being — mind, body, and spirit — the TRS minor, major, or 5-year B.A./M.A. program may be just the fit for you.

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What about a TRS Major?

Majors gain a strong general background in theology and religious studies that serves them well in a wide variety of contexts. The major program might be a student's primary or secondary field of expertise.

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Core + 1 = TRS Minor

Maximize your Core with a TRS Minor. Interested in TRS but have a credit-intensive major? The TRS Minor may be a great option for you.

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Want a Catholic Theology Focus?

Interested in TRS with a Catholic theology focus? Both the TRS major and minor can be tailored to emphasize Catholic theological concerns and resources.

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Want an Islamic Studies focus?

Interested in TRS with an Islamic studies emphasis? The TRS minor can be tailored to focus on Islamic history and theology.

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Want a Jewish Studies focus?

Interested in TRS with an Jewish studies focus? The TRS minor can be tailored to emphasize Jewish history and theology.