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University Employee Computer Purchase Assistance Program

The main goal of this program has always been to ease the initial financial burden faced by our employees in obtaining home computers. Therefore, it would seem logical to let employees obtain their systems directly and assist them in the financing of these systems.
Full-time employees who wish to take advantage of this benefit should:

1. Fill out a Request for Personal Computer Purchase Form (click on the form below) and submit along with a copy of the quote to the Executive Director of Purchasing.

2. The request is reviewed for completeness and eligibility by Executive Director of Purchasing for approval.

3. Once approved, employees would purchase their computer equipment directly and submit the invoices back to the Executive Director of Purchasing.

4. The Business Office will reimburse the approved amount through direct deposit back to the employee and Payroll will begin deducting payments monthly and/or bi-weekly (depending on at which interval an employee is paid).

Purchases will only be reimbursed for a maximum of $2400; the duration of deductions cannot exceed one year from the time of reimbursement and there is a minimum deduction of $100 per month.

This program is only good for computer hardware, software, and peripherals purchased as part of a computer system. Only one loan, regardless of the amount, can be outstanding at any given time.

JCU reserves the right to modify, amend, or terminate this policy at any time.

Employee Computer Purchase Assistance Application Form

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