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“I loved my time at JCU. Boler prepared me well for an agile business career that evolves with my skills and interests. The liberal arts requirements led me to a broader and more compassionate view of the world.”

“I care about JCU and the work that they do, both on campus and in the community. I'm excited by projects included in the JCU Experience Projects fund, especially those developed by students, such as the Carroll Ballers program. I'm excited to support a great cause!”

Monica Orlando '05
Lakewood, OH
“JCU gave so much to me, the least I can do is donate to a fund that will help future students and the greater JCU community.”

Mary-Kate Begin '14
Walton Hills, OH
“The education I received; the respect for human nature that came to me through philosophy, sociology, history, and theatre; and the moral and ethical values preached and taught by the Jesuits have influenced my life over the past 57 years.”

John E. Clifford '58
San Antonio, TX
“I worked hard and was grateful to be the recipient of scholarships during my undergraduate years at JCU. The generosity of the alumni and JCU community is contagious and we should all pay it forward, in any way we are able, to keep this wonderful JCU experience alive for generations to come!”

Laura (Pergi) Fitzpatrick '96
Cleveland, OH
“My excellent pre-medical preparation at JCU gave me the opportunity to become a D.O. and president of South Pointe Hospital, where I have the opportunity to improve the health of the patients and the communities we are privileged to serve...Thank you, JCU!”

Robert Juhasz, D.O. '77
Concord Township, OH
“Excellence in education, athletics, and life skills are essential today. We are grateful for what JCU has meant to us and to the students currently attending.”

Tom Nicholas '85
Palatine, IL
“John Carroll gave so much to me, including a great education, the opportunity to travel through three different countries to engage in service, many lifelong friends, athletic success as a member of the cross country and track teams, and even the chance to meet the man who became my husband!”

Megan Petraska '12
Euclid, OH
“John Carroll University has played a pivotal role in my career. The core values of a Jesuit education are essential to living life the fullest, not just from a professional aspect, but more importantly from a personal standpoint. Giving back is just a simple way of saying thank you.”

Jesús Sánchez '07
Macungie, PA
“I give to John Carroll because it helped shape me into the person I am today. John Carroll truly does form men and women for others and I find that value speaks more to a person's character and success than any other measure.”

Caitlin Werth '03
Pittsburgh, PA