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Recently, John Carroll University ROTC Cadets got a chance to take some of the skills they learn in the classroom into the field. The Wolfpack Battalion’s annual fall field training exercise, or FTX, was held November 19-21, at Camp James A.Garfield in Ravenna, Ohio. 


The FTX gives military science students an opportunity to hone their individual skills and team training tactics outside of the classroom. The exercise started with a land navigation course where cadets were given three hours to locate four unique points within a 4,000 square-meter area. Those points were nestled throughout challenging terrain, including thick brush, steep hills and dense forest. Wolfpack cadet Emma Lindsay excelled by finding all four locations in the fastest time; 1 hour and 14 minutes. 



Wolfpack Battalion Cadets preparing for the navigation course

Lindsay says the FTX is a great way to challenge herself and her peers. “I really enjoyed pushing myself to do better and help others improve too. It's fun to practice what we go over in leadership labs in a more realistic environment.” 


Following the navigation course, Wolfpack Cadets took part in situational training exercises focused on infantry tactics, including conducting an assault and squad defensive maneuvers. Senior Military Instructor Master Sergeant Dio Navarro, says he was impressed with the level of proficiency and professionalism demonstrated by Army ROTC Cadets. 


Being able to observe the Cadets progress through a field training environment and help each other along the way by applying best practices and lessons learned is truly remarkable and demonstrates their commitment to becoming future Army Officers.

In the spring, Wolfpack Cadets will join other military science students from Kent State University and the University of Akron, for a combined FTX. This will give Cadets the chance to interact and practice leading others outside of their battalion — which will ultimately better prepare them for Advanced Camp this summer.


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