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To the JCU Community:


Over the last few days, we have witnessed horrific images, videos, and reports of acts of terror and violence in Israel committed by Hamas, and Israel’s subsequent declaration of war. While this conflict rages thousands of miles away, it is clear how harrowing and painful this situation is especially for members of our Jewish community.


There are many at John Carroll who have family, friends, and loved ones impacted by the violence. I offer each of you the peaceful embrace of the John Carroll University community. As a Jesuit Catholic university, we value the sanctity of all human life and the rights of people to live with dignity and freedom.


There is no single written statement that can account for the complexities of a political and historic situation like this. Nonetheless, we must condemn the murder of innocent civilians in every situation. I am deeply saddened by the catastrophic loss of human life. 


The situation in Israel and the Gaza Strip is likely to cause more pain and loss in the weeks and months ahead. It will continue to elicit fears and uncertainties for individuals and groups on our campus. Creating a safe and secure environment to process what we are experiencing is a priority. Students should reach out to the University Counseling Center and employees should engage with Impact Solutions for resources and assistance. 


The conflict may also lead to an increase in antisemitic and Islamaphobic actions. As a reminder, anyone who witnesses or experiences any incident of bias should utilize our Bias Reporting System by submitting a Bias Incident Reporting Form. There is no place for hate at John Carroll.


Prayers may not seem like enough at this time, but being together in community is a powerful step toward standing with those who are suffering. I invite you to join our Campus Ministry, Center for Student Diversity and Inclusion, Office of Student Engagement, and other campus leaders for an opportunity to gather together and pray on Thursday, October 12 at 12:00 p.m. in the Interfaith Commons located in the D.J. Lombardo Student Center.


As a university, we have a responsibility to meet this moment by fostering dialogue that leads toward peace. In the coming days and weeks, we ask student organizations, faculty, and university departments to create spaces for listening, reflection, conversation, and education. May we be inspired by our Jesuit Catholic values of compassion, understanding, and love to guide us as instruments of peace.