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The Intercollegiate Broadcasting System (IBS) has named John Carroll University’s radio station, WJCU 88.7 FM, the number one college radio station in the United States (under 10,000 students). Since 2020, WJCU has earned 44 national and international award nominations, with 26 being top 5 placements. The IBS presented WJCU’s award at the organization’s annual conference in New York City last month. 


This award marks WJCU’s inaugural first-place finish on a national stage. WJCU’s General Manager, Jasen Sokol, says the recognition speaks to students' engagement with the station.


I couldn’t be more proud of our entire team. This award is a testament to the hard work of our students and volunteers. It’s great to see their efforts being recognized on the national level. We are grateful to the Intercollegiate Broadcasting System for this honor, and we’re proud to be developing radio’s future at John Carroll University.

WJCU took home three other 1st place awards at this conference including Ray King for Best Community Program, Zachary Sinutko ’24 & Mackenzie Jackson ’25 for Best Promotions Director, and 808s & Mixtapes for Best On-Air Personality. 808s & Mixtapes consists of John Carroll University juniors & graduating seniors Zachary Sinutko ’24, Emily Davala ’24, Jayden Beddingfield ’25 & Hamoud Qotaynah ’24 . In their time at WJCU, Zachary Sinutko, and 808s & Mixtapes have received 17 national and international nominations with four total 1st-place individual awards.


Sinutko says he’s proud of the awards he’s won and looks forward to seeing how the station will grow after he graduates this May. “Recognition on a national stage inspires not only us but the people coming after us to continue the great work that the station as a collective has contributed over the last four years. 17 National & International award nominations in our career is something to be extremely proud of. We are forever grateful for the opportunities and recognition that WJCU has brought us educationally, personally, and professionally.”


A full list of the awards and honors received by WJCU is available at