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Eddie Marotta '19 knew he wanted to attend John Carroll after hearing stories of his great-grandfather’s experience at the University. Eddie Arsenault ’40 grew up in Waterville, Maine, and moved to Ohio to play football and hockey at John Carroll in 1938. He was a two-time captain for both teams, and was inducted into the Athletic Hall of Fame in 1967 before passing away the same year.

“I am his namesake, and after hearing the stories of his John Carroll career and the respect those people had for him as a person, I always knew I wanted to attend John Carroll,” Marotta said.  

When he got to University Heights, Marotta studied communication with a concentration in digital media. The rigorous coursework and extracurricular opportunities at John Carroll gave him a personalized experience. 

Outside of class, Marotta was involved in extracurriculars that allowed him to be around Blue Streak athletic teams and apply his coursework in a field he was passionate about. He was an employee of the sports information department, social media intern for John Carroll football, and sports director for WJCU 88.7 FM.Each of his experiences have been driving forces to his early success in his post-graduation role as a media relations intern with the New England Patriots.

Many of the obligations I’ve had within the Patriots PR department were things I had already done in sports information. Chris Wenzler and the sports information department contributed greatly to everything I find myself doing after graduation.

In his role, Marotta is responsible for a multitude of things. He attends and transcribes press conferences and open locker room periods, and takes players to and from their media obligations. On game days, he can be responsible for setup and teardown of the press box, finding significant statistical notes, attending and facilitating questions during post-game press conferences and operating the scoreboard during games.

Marotta grew up a fan of the Patriots and always dreamt about being a part of the organization, so the opportunity to work alongside fellow John Carroll alumni in Foxborough, Massachusetts has been a dream come true for him. 

“John Carroll is extremely respected in New England, and those alumni make it a point to develop relationships with others that have gone to the University,” Marotta said. “The warmth and welcome I’ve gotten just from going to John Carroll has been nothing short of spectacular.”

Marotta credits John Carroll for making him into a well-rounded, confident individual, both personally and professionally.

John Carroll is rigorous, but provides ample opportunity for students to gain experience in and out of the classroom. This translates to almost every scenario you may find yourself in while in the workplace. Because of the experience I gained at John Carroll, I go into work every day confident and prepared to be successful when faced with whatever challenges may arise.