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This series features young alumni from the Russert Department of Communication. Learn more about opportunities in Russert at

During her time at John Carroll, Megan Stechler ’18 learned the value of collaboration through her Russert classes, which allowed her to work with real-world clients on campaigns and workshop creative ideas with classmates.

In her role today, Stechler is a content marketing specialist for Heinen’s Grocery Store in Cleveland. She works with Heinen’s digital influencer and product vendor networks to create content that showcases the various departments, unique products, and points of difference that the store offers in the grocery industry. She is also responsible for maintaining Heinen’s social media accounts including Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and YouTube.

My overall goal is to drive sales for our organization through inspiring customers to make delicious and easy recipes using the products we carry and continue to share the ‘Heinen’s Message’ online.

Stechler began working with Heinen’s as an intern while attending JCU and accepted a full-time position with them upon graduating in 2018. Her internship experience taught her to always be confident in her creative perspective and to never be afraid to voice her opinions and ideas. 

“I was, and still am, the youngest person on my team by almost 10 years, which can be intimidating,” she said. “However, I can bring a fresh perspective, which is crucial when you’re on a creative team. No matter how wild an idea may seem, you must never shy away from bringing them to light and doing so with undeniable confidence, professionalism and dignity because it might just be the answer you’re looking for.” 

As a John Carroll alumna, Stechler continues to strive to be a woman for others by ensuring that everyone she works with feels like they have value both inside and outside of the office. 

“My experience in the communication department taught me that sometimes the best ideas and results come from pulling the strengths of many into one cohesive product,” she said. “The marketing and communications world is all about collaboration and teamwork, so learning how to work creatively with others is a key takeaway.”

JCU shaped me into someone who values what it means to be an active member of a community. Much like the JCU community, I see my co-workers as my ‘work community’ and want to do everything that I can to help them succeed as individuals and inevitably help us succeed as a team.