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This series features young alumni from the Russert Department of Communication. Learn more about opportunities in Russert at

Noelle Saluan ’18 became familiar with the Jesuit mission of men and women for and with others at Walsh Jesuit High School.” Through her Jesuit education at JCU, she learned the value of her relationships and the importance of seeking a career that would ultimately be of service to others. 

Today, she fulfills that personal mission as a marketing associate for the Women’s Health Institute and Respiratory Institute at Cleveland Clinic. As a marketing associate, Saluan serves as a liaison between the clinical leaders and the marketing division. She works with the physicians, administrators, and directors of the Women's Health Institute and Respiratory Institute to identify marketing needs and develop data-driven plans.

By her senior year at JCU, Saluan was in a class that allowed her to put her knowledge into action by creating a marketing plan for the growth of a real-world client. In the course, students are responsible for creating materials including creative briefs, copywriting, best practice guidelines for social media, press releases, branding, and a pitch deck for the assets.

I loved that my professors brought their real-world experience to the classroom.

Outside of the classroom, Saluan dedicated each semester to a new internship experience. Through her various experiences she was able to gain valuable skills such as time management, understanding how to work through difficult situations with clients, and learning that being uncomfortable in a new environment isn't such a bad thing after all. 

“Initially, I was unsure of my exact path in the marketing world so I tried out a few different avenues including PR, social media, digital marketing, and account services,” she said. “I wanted to push the limits a bit and see what it would take for me to become the most well-rounded marketer I can be.” 

Saluan’s experiences and education led her to a role that would allow her to be of service to others.

I enjoy that I am working at a place with the sole goal to help those in their time of need. Healthcare can be a confusing and scary topic for most, and assuring the most accurate and up to date information is presented to patients and potential patients ensures this is a fulfilling career choice for me.