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The Facilities Planning sub-committee is comprised of a cross-section of university faculty and staff who serve as a sub-committee of the University Space committee.  This committee provides space utilization and condition metrics for offices, conference rooms, classroom/lab spaces, residence halls, and public spaces.  The committee makes recommendations for allocations of University space by:

  1. Advising on the adequacy, condition, and use of existing space and facilities
  2. Identifying options for space efficiency to meet University and academic program priorities
  3. Making recommendations for space available to meet presented needs
  4. Accessing and providing evaluation of the suitability of requested space based upon current space utilization, adjacencies, cost information, and other data
  5. Conducting yearly audits of Furniture Fixture & Equipment and Finishes, capital renewal needs, and making recommendations thereon
  6. Establishing standards for classroom, lab, and office size by type and occupants

This sub-committee is also referenced as the FP Space Committee.