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Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some commuter student frequently asked questions and answers:

  • A: Yes! Commuter students have their very own Commuter Lounge. The Commuter Lounge is located in room 46 of the Student Center. To get there, go up the ramp to the left of the Bookstore, turn right and walk all the way to the Jardine Room. The Commuter Lounge is located diagonally to the entrance of the Jardine Room.
  • A: Yes! There are many places all over campus where you have computer access. In addition to the 38 computers in the library, you also have access to: the Undergraduate Lounge, located across from Einstein’s Bagels in AD; the Dolan Science Computer Lab, located in East 337; the Boler School of Business Computer Lab, located in Boler 235; and the two labs in the Student Center, one that is near the Inn Between and the other is close to the Murphy Commons.
  • A: Commute Services can help you secure a locker, which are located between the Administration Building and the O’Malley Center on the ground and second floors. While you need to provide the lock, all you have to do is email with the number of the locker you have chosen, as well as your name and phone number so we can register it for you. Having a locker can have many advantages for a commuter student, so take advantage of this soon!
  • A: In addition to the Commuter Lounge, there are plenty of places where you can spend time both on and off campus!
  • A: In Commuter Services, we strive to keep commuters in the loop of what’s going on around campus! Some ways that we will stay in touch with you is by sending emails and through our website.
  • A: Yes. The Office of Student Engagement schedules events and activities all year specifically geared toward commuter students. They typically include bi-weekly social Drop-In Programs (DIPs), movie programs, professional sporting events, and many others. Make sure to check your email to stay connected!

Also, please keep in mind that all students, including commuters, are encouraged to participate in all student organizations and clubs. Contact us if you have any questions about the clubs and organizations offered at JCU

The Parking Office coordinates all campus parking functions, including:

  • Providing information, assistance, and direction to anyone parking on campus.
  • Issuing parking permits to students, faculty, staff, and visitors.
  • Enforcing parking rules and regulations, and coordinating parking services for campus events.
  • A student may register only one vehicle. The student must be the owner (family or individually owned) or the primary operator of that vehicle (family vehicle) and may not register the vehicle of another student. Parking permits are not transferable between persons.

Useful Parking Office Links:

  • For more information about parking, go to the JCU Parking website by clicking here.
  • For instructions on how to purchase a parking permit click here.
  • To see a map of the parking areas on campus click here.