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Below is a list of local community partners of the Center for Service-Learning and Social Action (CSSA) who welcome students and volunteers to engage in their ecological sustainability efforts, either as part of weekly service for a class, one-time or short-term volunteering or internships.

Holden Arboretum and Gardens - Urban Forestry Program

  • Students engage in a variety of activities in support of Holden Forests & Garden's effort to combat climate change, including a mix of research and hands-on activities as well as training sessions or workshops. Students with a research interest may be assigned to dedicated service in the research department at nearby Long Science Center. 

PCs for People

  • Students work in the PCs for People warehouse sorting computers for recycling and repurposing. Students prevent e-waste from reaching the landfill and repair, upgrade and distribute technology to community members without access to technology. 

Rustbelt Riders

  • Students work with staff members fighting the effects of climate change in many different ways. Students explore Cleveland's local sustainability initiatives, organizations, and natural ecosystems. Students are immersed in active environmental sustainability work on multiple levels. The objective is for students to gain experience and hands-on knowledge about how climate change is affecting us in our local climate and how they are helping to address that issue. 

Shaker Lakes Nature Center

  • Students work with the Nature Center at Shaker Lakes to observe, tag, and record data about bird migration in the area. Habitat depletion results in new migratory patterns and is one way climate change shows up. 

UpCycle Parts Shop

  • Students work with UpCycle Parts Shop staff helping to divert resources from landfills and find a creative use while building community. This unique entrepreneurial venture gives students a chance to see a small business and community network building at work. 

YouthAbility Gardening

  • Students partner with developmentally-challenged teens and young adults to garden in a horticulture club. The YouthAbility Ambassadors plant, maintain, and harvest the gardens near the Jewish Community Center. 

Sustainability Cleveland & the Circular Economy

  • CSSA works with Cathy Lehn, Ph.D. and regularly attends their city-wide sustainability summit with students. There are many opportunities for additional collaboration and deeper partnerships.