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If you wish to report and initiate an investigation or other action by the University, please contact the Title IX Coordinator or any University employee. All University employees – except for those confidential or private resources mentioned above – are mandatory reporters under the University’s Mandatory Reporting Policy and are required to report incidents to the University’s Title IX Coordinator.

Responsible employees must report all relevant details of the incident to the Title IX Coordinator, including names of those involved, date, time and specific location (if known). If you wish to maintain confidentiality or request that no investigation be conducted, you should notify the responsible employee of those requests at the time you make your report. The responsible employee will inform the Title IX Coordinator of your requests. In considering such requests, the Title IX Coordinator must weigh the requests against the University’s obligation to provide a safe, non-discriminatory environment for all members of our community, including you. Please keep in mind that honoring your requests may limit the University’s ability to meaningfully respond.


Submit a report to title ix

On campus

  • All Complaints (including Visitor and Student-Related Complaints) Lisa Brown Cornelius, Interim Title IX Coordinator, (216) 397-4408
  • Faculty-Related Complaints James Krukones, PhD., Deputy Title IX Coordinator (216) 397-4762
  • Staff-Related Complaints Leslie Beck, Deputy Title IX Coordinator (216) 397-1726
  • Athletic-Related Complaints Katie Hine, Deputy Title IX Coordinator, (216) 397-1997 

Off campus

  • JCUPD (216) 397-1234
  • University Heights Police Dept 911 or (216) 932-1800
  • Witness/Victim Service Center of Cuyahoga County (216) 443-7345