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Appeals can be submitted using the Appeal Request Form.

The procedures for the appeal of a disciplinary action are outlined in the Student Conduct Procedures section of the Community Standards Manual. Students must submit appeals on their own behalf.

A student has five (5) business days after receipt of the written notification of a conduct decision to file an appeal. Failure to file an appeal with five (5) business days will result in waiving the right to appeal.


The three grounds for appeal are as follows: 

  1. A procedural error or omission occurred that significantly impacts the outcome of the conduct process (e.g., substantial bias, material deviation from established procedures, etc.). Specific procedures and procedural errors must be cited; and/or 
  2. To consider new information, unknown or unavailable during the conduct process, that could substantially impact the original finding or disciplinary action.  A summary of this new information and its potential impact must be included. (Note: Failure to participate or provide information during an investigation or meeting, even if based on concern over a pending criminal or civil proceeding, does not make information ”unavailable” during the process); and/or 
  3. The disciplinary action(s) imposed are substantially outside the parameters or guidelines set by the University for this type of violation or the cumulative conduct record of the student alleged to have violated expectations.

A properly filed and timely appeal will generally stay any action(s) imposed unless doing so would be inconsistent with the University’s obligations and/or it is determined by the Dean of Students Office that this action would present an unreasonable danger to any person or property or be disruptive to the University’s living/learning environment.