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How do I request my conduct record?

To request your conduct record, please email The title of your email should be “Record Request.” The email should be sent from your John Carroll University email address and include your Banner ID. 

What will be reported to others about my conduct record?

At the completion of the restorative and/or administrative action(s), your record will be returned to good standing. The restorative and/or administrative action(s) and supporting material will be retained in your conduct file and may be introduced and given due consideration in any subsequent incidents. Your full conduct record may be reviewed by campus partners with a legitimate educational interest. Only egregious or repeated violations will be reported externally (outside of John Carroll University) and only with your permission to release the record. 

Who can request my conduct record?

Student records are protected by the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA). While some information regarding conduct may be shared with parents/guardians or athletic coaches to promote student wellbeing, you must give written permission for your conduct records to be shared externally.

How long will my records be kept?

Upon graduation, your conduct file maintained by the Dean of Students Office will be destroyed unless you are continuing at the University as a graduate student or participating in a John Carroll post-baccalaureate program. 

A student conduct file that includes termination of a housing agreement, suspension, or postponement of awarding of a degree or honor, shall be destroyed seven (7) years after final restorative and/or administrative action(s) have been completed. 

A student conduct file that includes revocation of admission, revocation of a degree awarded, denial of awarding a degree or honor, or dismissal will be kept indefinitely. 

If a student transfers or permanently withdraws from the University, any conduct record will be kept for five (5) years, unless the record includes termination of a housing agreement or suspension in which case the record shall be destroyed seven (7) years after final disciplinary action(s) have been completed. In the case of revocation of admission or dismissal the conduct record will be kept indefinitely. 

Will my conduct records appear on my transcript?

As outlined in the Transcript Notation Policy, a transcript notation will be used to denote the interruption or cessation in a student’s studies in cases that result in suspension or dismissal. 

No other conduct records will appear on academic transcripts.