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Academic Application for SAS

Please use this link if you are new to SAS and want to register for academic accommodations with us. You will be redirected to our JCU Accessible Information Management (AIM) page. Use your John Carroll University campus credentials to log into AIM.

Click Here:

Step-by-Step Video Tutorial

The Student Accessibility Services office provides a broad range of services to make academic life as smooth as possible for students with disabilities. Since the Americans with Disabilities Act and Section 504 guarantee equal access, not success, individual success is up to each student. We encourage students to develop self-advocacy, empowerment, responsibility, independence, personal growth, and develop and use compensatory skills.

Students should request services via the following steps:

  1. Complete the online Application for SAS found here: (Please see below for details and application guides and assistance) .
  2. Collect all previous Documentation (testing, assessment, medical records, and letters from physicians/ counselors, IEP, 504 Plan, etc.) that documents your disability and how it impacts your education. Submit this by sending it to your online SAS application profile OR send it to for review.
  3. You will be contacted by SAS for an intake appointment once your application and documentation is received and reviewed.
  4. You may email SAS at to check on the status of your file or schedule the intake appointment after you have completed and sent your application and documentation. Please feel free to contact SAS with any questions or concerns. We also offer information meetings about SAS and the SAS process. 

Housing Accommodations:

Application: Click Here for PDF / Click Here for Word Document 

Priority Availability Deadline: Friday January 19, 2024

*All Accommodations are fulfilled based on availability. Applications received after the priority deadline will be reviewed on a case-by-case basis and we cannot assure your request will be fulfilled. Please note, space is limited. Requests submitted after the priority date are based on availability and may require a waitlist.*

All requests for housing accommodations for students with disabilities will be reviewed by the Housing Accommodation Committee.  Students must provide documentation that indicates a diagnosed impairment that is a current substantial limitation to a major life activity as it relates to housing.  The Office of Residence Life will determine an appropriate housing assignment based on accommodation approval and availability in housing vacancies.  Student Accessibility Services reserves the right to request additional documentation if necessary in order to provide appropriate services.  Please complete the necessary part(s) of the application (linked above).  

Upon completion, please submit to:

Student Accessibility Services   John Carroll University  1 John Carroll Boulevard   University Heights, Ohio 44118  Phone: (216) 397-4967  Fax: (216) 397-1820  Email:

This request form must be submitted each year according to housing deadlines in order to review and renew (as appropriate) accommodations provided through Residence Life.   


If you have already received SAS housing accommodations and will be renewing your same request for the next school year (Fall 2024-Spring 2025) you should complete only part 1 of the attached application. 

Any housing accommodations previously approved for this school year (Fall 2023- Spring 2024) will remain approved for the Spring 2024 semester upon returning to campus.

New Request:

If you are submitting a new request for the next school year (Fall 2024-Spring 2025), both part 1 and part 2 of the attached application needs to be completed.  You will complete part 1 of the application and your licensed treatment provider (doctor, therapist, psychiatrist, CNP, etc.) will complete part 2. Please provide current and comprehensive documentation of the disorder from a current treatment/assessment professional that is qualified to make the diagnosis. The licensed provider should specifically address the accommodation you are requesting and provide support related to the diagnosis/es listed. 

Incoming JCU Freshmen:

Applications should be submitted to Student Accessibility Services (SAS) by Thursday, June 1, 2023  for priority availability.

Students should complete part 1 of the application and the student’s licensed treatment provider (doctor, psychologist, therapist, etc.)  must complete part 2.

 To submit your housing accommodation request for the 2023-2024 school year follow the instructions below:

1.) Complete the attached housing accommodation application and submit the form to Student Accessibility Services by scanning/emailing to

2.) After you have completed and submitted your housing accommodation form to SAS, your request will be reviewed. Please note, placements are assigned by Residence Life and are dependent on need and inventory, not based on preference. For any specific housing related questions please contact Residence Life.

*All Accommodations are fulfilled based on availability. Applications received after the deadline will be reviewed on a case-by-case basis and we cannot assure your request will be fulfilled. Please note, space is limited. Requests submitted after the priority date are based on availability and may require a waitlist.*


Meal Plan Accommodation:

Application: Click Here for PDF / Click Here for Word Document

John Carroll’s Dining Services offers a wide variety of dining options capable of accommodating many different dietary needs. The goal of this process is to provide students with the tools they need to be active in the management of their allergy or food-related medical condition within the dining program. After this request form has been reviewed by Student Accessibility Services, the student may be asked to meet with dining services to discuss dining options.  John Carroll University is committed to the full participation of students with disabilities in all aspects of university life, including the dining experience. As a residential university, John Carroll University requires that all students living on campus participate in the meal plan available through dining services. Virtually all students’ needs can be met through the standard meal plan options. However, students with conditions whose needs cannot be met through this process may request meal plan accommodations. The application (linked above) must be completed and submitted to the office of Student Accessibility Services to request meal plan accommodations.  


Emotional Support Animal (ESA) Accommodation:

Application: Please reach out to

John Carroll University provides reasonable accommodations to students with disabilities who have a verifiable need for a reasonable accommodation. A reasonable accommodation is an exception to the usual rules, policies, practices, or services that a resident with a disability may need to have an equal opportunity to use and enjoy university housing. The Reasonable Accommodation Verification Form for Emotional Support Animals (application linked above) authorizes an appropriately qualified health professional who has evaluated the student resident, to provide the information requested on this form. 

  1. Apply and be accepted for admission at JCU. Students go through standard admission procedures and must enroll in classes to be eligible for consideration.
  2. Complete an online application (using the link below) for SAS eligibility and submit it along with documentation following SAS written guidelines.
  3. Once the application and documentation are received, the file will be reviewed by SAS and an SAS staff member will reach out to the student via email. Students should schedule an appointment with an SAS staff member to discuss their case and review any approved accommodations.
  4. New students are encouraged to apply for services at least 30 days prior to the semester in which they desire accommodations to allow SAS to process and review documentation.
    1. Outdated or incomplete documentation may delay approval. Please review documentation guidelines and ensure all necessary paperwork is complete before your appointment. If you have questions regarding your documentation or are considering being tested for a disability you are welcome to contact our office to discuss your case.
    2. The SAS staff member will determine which, if any, accommodations may be made and will have review this with the student during the initial appointment.

A student is not considered registered with SAS until they have completed the full online application, submitted documentation with their online application or to SAS, approved intake/registration paperwork, and have had an appointment with an SAS staff member.

Click Here for a helpful link on Registering for Academic Accommodations with SAS. 

Students requesting accommodations from JCU must submit CURRENT documentation of their disability. Guidance for obtaining appropriate documentation corresponds with federal guidelines and has been provided by the Association on Higher Education and Disability (AHEAD). Documentation costs are the responsibility of the student. SAS can provide appropriate professional referrals.

Additional information about appropriate documentation can be found here:

Welcome! Our staff is committed to helping you succeed at JCU. We can tell you about University resources that may be available to you, and help you determine if you are eligible for services from our office. SAS provides services to students currently enrolled at the University. In order to qualify for services, a student must send us general information as well as disability documentation from a healthcare professional. For details, see the links below.

Letters of Accommodation

Your letters of accommodation will be emailed to you directly once you’ve completed an LOA request. Please remember that you are in charge of taking a copy (print from email) or forwarding (via email) a copy of your Letter of Accommodation (LOA) and the exam procedures form to all professors. You WILL NOT begin receiving accommodations until you’ve personally made contact with your professors and provided them with a copy of your LOA. You cannot change any part of your LOA. If something appears incorrect please notify SAS immediately and we will resolve it.

Our office is here to help and guide students with disabilities through their college experience. If there is an area in which you are experiencing difficulty please make an appt. to see us right away. Have a wonderful semester and we look forward to serving you during the school year.

  • Eligibility & Registering for Services
  • Documentation Requirements
  • Student Rights and Responsibilities
  • SAS Policy Manual
  • Testing Procedure