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Previous Inspired Futures Programs

Future of Neurodevelopment Banner

Inspired Futures - The Future of Neurodevelopment and Autism

Thomas Frazier, Ph.D. ’97 and Tracy Masterson, Ph.D. ’97, both of whom do work with John Carroll's psychology department, talk about the future of neurodevelopment and autism research and John Carroll's role in it.

Future of Diversity banner

Inspired Futures - The Future of Diversity

With an eye toward the future of Diversity, former VP of Diversity, Equity and Inclusion, Tiffany Galvin Green, Ph.D., outlined goals for the university to continuing striving to be an institution where everyone can feel at home.

Future of Service banner

Inspired Futures - The Future of Service

Service will always be at the core of John Carroll's mission. Hear from the director of the center of service and social action Kathleen Feely on where the future of service is headed.