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lisa zone

Profession: Public relations executive
Major: Communications

Why do you feel it is important for alumni to stay connected?

When my diploma was handed to me, I didn’t view it as the end of my John Carroll education — I realized it was only the beginning of a lifetime of learning. Staying connected to JCU has helped me continue to grow both personally and professionally, to connect with old friends and make new ones, and to make an impact on current students so they can carry on the JCU legacy when they make the transition from student to alum.

Bethany Beal - Alumni Board

Profession: Director, Treasury at American Eagle Outfitters, Inc.


Jeff Culliton alumni board

Profession: President at Adcom Group

Gina Dalessandro - Alumni Board

Profession: President and Founder of the Dalessandro GroupMajor: Marketing

What impact did John Carroll have on your life and where you are today?

On top of bringing my husband and I together, John Carroll prepared me to become a better well rounded person and equipped me for the business world that existed when I graduated and even today. The “men and women for others”  theme has always lead me to be involved in the community.  My experience with the business school while attending and after graduation has led me to have a successful career in my field. I feel my confidence in being an Entrepreneur is partly because of my preparation and involvement with John Carroll.  In the past 10 years, I got re-engaged with the John Carroll alumni department in serving on the Cleveland chapter and assisting in starting an Akron chapter.  Most recently, I am serving on the Alumni national board and enjoy staying involved, learning the new changes that John Carroll is making to remain a leader in the university sector.

John Davidson

Profession: Owner, KylesHill Group LLC
Major: Finance

Why do you feel it’s important for alumni to stay connected?

I met several of my best friends at JCU. Some of them met their spouses here. We have seen each other get married, raise families, run businesses, change jobs, lose loved ones. We have traveled together with our families. We have shared and celebrated each other’s success, and grieved over losses, together. These are some of the best people in the world. We each know that we are here for each other. And it all started in dorm rooms and classrooms at Carroll. Staying connected means maintaining these relationships, making sure that the net is always there.

Doug Ennis - Alumni Board

Profession: CEO at Waratek

Major: Computer Science

Why do you feel it is important for alumni to stay connected?

Everyone's experience during our years at JCU was uniquely their own but that experience was enriched by our interactions with professors, priests, sports, clubs, and other students.  Our time at JCU helped shaped the who and what we are today. Staying connected to JCU continues that journey and provides opportunities to expand and grow beyond those university years.

Tony Grego Alumni Board

Profession: Director of SEC Reporting & Technical Accounting at Mister Car WashMajor: Accounting


Why do you feel it is important for alumni to stay connected?

I feel a responsibility to give back to John Carroll, as it has given so much to me. Serving on the Alumni Board is a great way for me to support the University and connect with other alumni. I believe that alumni are the strongest ambassadors of an institution, as the successes of the alumni reflect upon the quality of education provided by the school.  

Michael Hollins - Alumni Board

Profession: Assistant Athletic Director for Student Success and Leadership at John Carroll UniversityMajor: Exercise Science

Why do you feel it is important for alumni to stay connected?

I believe it is important for our alumni to stay connected to bridge the gap between where the students are as they graduate to where they want to go as they leave this place.

Maggie Hutchison - Alumni Board

Profession: Impact Manager CREOMajor: Economics and Theology & Religious Studies

What impact did John Carroll have on your life and where you are today?

John Carroll challenged me to think critically, see new perspectives and ideas, and consider local and global implications to policies, all of which continue to serve me well in an ever-changing social and professional landscape.


Geroge Lewandowski - Alumni Board

Profession: Gynecologic Oncologist, private practiceMajor: Chemistry

What impact did John Carroll have on your life and where you are today?

Other than meeting my spouse at the freshman picnic in 1974, JCU had impact on me by demonstrating the importance of full effort and genuine honesty. Much later, when I was able to revisit Jesuit values through the Ignatian Colleagues Program, it was interesting - and a little scary - to see that the values that were important in the 1970s actually formed the foundation of whatever success I found in the world... and when I deviated I didn't ultimately end up where I wanted to be. "Men and women for others" is both a challenge and a reward.

Patrick Manning

Profession: Attorney, Elizabeth A. Bernard, LLC
Major: English

Why do you feel it is important for alumni to stay connected?

John Carroll’s biggest asset is its people; the faculty, the staff, the students, and the alumni. The community we have built over the last century plus is a strong one, and that strength has allowed JCU and its people to achieve great things. When alumni stay connected, they keep that spirit of Carroll going, and keep that community strong. While giving and fundraising are certainly important, alumni can also inspire one another to stay involved with the school, to help current students, and to spread the message about John Carroll in the broader community.

Dave Robinson

Profession: Marketing Representative, Hospice of Michigan
Major: History

Why do you feel it is important for alumni to stay connected?

To sustain the special relationships you make both as a student and an alumnus of John Carroll. It has been my experience, that the relationships I have made have been two-way. I have benefited professionally and personally. As a result, I have been able to give back in time, talent and treasure to those relationships and to the university.

Pat Vecellio alumni board

Profession: Urology Resident Physician at University of BuffaloMajor: Biochemistry

What impact did John Carroll have on your life and where you are today?

No question, I would not be the person I am today without JCU. Besides meeting my wife, many of my closest friends and the countless memories I made, John Carroll gave me the foundation for my profession and a value-oriented future. The opportunities and support that I received were crucial to my own development in my career but even more so as an individual. I feel that the John Carroll experience should continue in its mission of cultivating future “men and women for and with others.” JCU’s impact on me has only strengthened with my involvement in our incredible alumni community and inspired me to give back to the place that has given me so much. I take an immense amount of pride in being a John Carroll alum, and I hope to help current and future students share in that community.