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Launched int 2014, John Carroll University's Alumni Travel Program has provided alumni and friends of the University with the opportunity to explore some of the World's most historically and culturally significant places.

We have explored and reflected on the the Battle of Gettysburg and the Invasion of Normandy, thinking about how our world changed because of the outcome of those fateful days. Additionally, we have immersed ourselves in the cultural splendors of Amsterdam, Tuscany, Sorrento and New Orleans, places with rich heritages that extend well beyond their regions. Along all of these journeys we have connected Blue Streaks to each other, building lifelong relationships that span geography and generations. 

We are excited to offer additional travel opportunities to our alumni, their guests and friends of the University. If you have questions about the JCU Alumni Travel Program or our upcoming journeys, please contact Eric Eickhoff, assoc. director of Alumni Relations at or 216.397.3061.