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Video Production for JCU

Why Create Video?

Video can do a number of positive things for your department, organization, or class. Not only does video give you a permanent record of an on campus event, because we originate content using digital video, you can repurpose your video content into almost any medium you can think of ! Also, don’t forget about the on campus cable channels, any thing you create can be broadcast, which increases the overall “reach” of your program and can be shown any day at any time!

Services Offered

Mobile Media Services is proud to offer video production to the John Carroll University community, here is a list of the things we can do for you.

  • Video Shoots
  • Video Editing
  • Video Duplication
  • Conversion of foreign video tapes to NTSC (North American broadcast standard)
  • Convert existing video to multimedia friendly formats (i.e. video for the web or a Power Point presentation)
  • Convert video to DVD or video cd
  • 3D Computer Graphics
  • Motion Graphics

Video production is not limited to events or lectures, we can create original content that might aid your organization,department or club in communicating it’s message to the campus community. Please note: MMAS is actively moving towards a “digital production pipeline” which we feel will offer our clients the greatest long term flexibility. However, MMAS does still offer you the option of using analog VHS cameras for your video productions at a reduced cost* for more information, please contact Mr. Michael MacDonald

Video Production Requirements

Mobile Media & Audio Services will be happy to assist you in your video production needs. Please consider the following before submitting your video production request:

  • What do I want to video tape
  • Who should see this video
  • How would I like them to see this video
  • When would I like them to see this video

Considering these aspects allows us to better determine the best final product for you. In addition to the items found on the video request form, if you have access to information such as the names and titles of the featured persons to be taped (as well as release/permission to tape information), graphics used on invitations or announcements related to the event are also helpful. Above all, please let the featured person(s) know that you intend to video tape them. This allows them to “mentally” prepare for that aspect of the event. If they have any multimedia materials (a power point presentation for example), to be directly incorporated into the final edited piece, just provide MMAS with a copy either prior to or just after shooting. Finally, please let the featured person(s) know that as a result of the event being video taped. They may be required to wear a special microphone.

Ready to film? Click here to book a video shoot.

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