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When creating a course site from scratch, use JCU Canvas Templates to get your course site up and running efficiently. These templates can be used as a framework for how to structure your course and what elements to include. With the increase in online course offerings and the use of Canvas to enhance face-to-face learning environments, the adoption of these templates can save faculty development time and supports the effort to ensure that courses at John Carroll University provide a uniform experience for our students. Each template also aligns with a nationally recognized set of Quality Matters standards for online courses which JCU has adopted.

Canvas Example Courses

The Center for Digital Media (CDM) currently offers two templates:

  • JCU Template: Basic - Includes standard navigation, homepage & syllabus. Preview Link
  • JCU Template: Multi-Module - Includes standard navigation, homepage, syllabus & multi-week modules. Preview Link

Note: You will need an empty course site or a Sandbox to import the template content.

  • Step 1: Log in to your JCU Canvas site
  • Step 2: Select Commons in the Blue Global Navigation bar
  • Step 3: Templates are Featured on the first page
  • Step 4: Choose either "JCU Template: Basic" or "JCU Template: Multi-Module
  • Step 5: Click Import/Download button the right side of the page
  • Step 6: Select the course you would like to import this template
  • Step 6: Add your own content to the course site
  • Optional: Complete the Feedback Form to help us improve the template

Banner & Course Card Size:

  • 1100 x 330 pixels [Course Banner]
  • 262 x 146 pixels [Course Card]