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What you should do

  1. Use the elevator phone to call John Carroll police dispatch at 216.397.1234, or call by cell phone.
    a.) Tell the dispatcher your name and that you are stuck in an elevator.
    b.) Tell the dispatcher what building you are in and which elevator.
    c.) Tell the dispatcher if others are in the elevator with you and how many.
  2. If the elevator you are in has no phone or it does not work, push the “emergency” or “bell” button until you hear acknowledgement that help is on the way.
  3. A police officer will respond and attempt to speak to those in the elevator to determine exactly where the elevator is, how many people are in the elevator and if there is anyone in distress.
  4. Do not attempt to exit the elevator through a hatch or pry open the doors.
  5. Do not exit the elevator if the doors open and you are between floors, unless instructed to do so by emergency personnel. The elevator could move, endangering your life.

What will happen

  1. The dispatcher will notify John Carroll police and facilities to respond.
  2. Facilities will respond and allow safe exit from the elevator. The fire department or elevator company will be called if further help is needed.

Click here to download the pdf.

Important Phone Numbers

  • Emergency: 911
  • Dispatch: 216.397.1234
  • JCUEMS Dispatch: 216.397.1234
  • JCUPD Main Office: 216.397.1615
  • JCUPD Chief: 216.397.1974
  • JCUPD Sergeant: 216.397.4401
  • Tip Line: 216.397.1515