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What you should do

  1. Remain calm and stay where you are.
  2. Assist others who are not familiar with your area.
  3. Call John Carroll police dispatch at 216.397.1234
    a.) Tell the dispatcher your name and location.
    b.) Tell the dispatcher what areas are affected by the power outage.
    c.) Tell the dispatcher how long the power has been out.
    d.) Give the dispatcher a call back number in case more information is needed.
  4. Do not open cold rooms, refrigerators, incubators, or other temperature sensitive areas.
  5. Unplug electrical appliances/devices (if it can be done safely) to prevent a power drain when electricity is restored.
  6. Evacuate only if instructed to do so by emergency personnel, or by your supervisor if safe lighting conditions are present.
  7. See “Elevator Emergency” page for actions to take if you become stuck in an elevator during a power outage.

What will happen

  1. The police dispatcher will notify John Carroll police and facilities to respond and determine the extent of the outage.
  2. Responders will check elevators to determine if anyone is stranded because of the outage.
  3. Responding personnel will determine if outside help is needed and consult with department management of the areas affected.
  4. If an evacuation is necessary, responding emergency personnel will coordinate the evacuation.

Click here to download the pdf.

Important Phone Numbers

  • Emergency: 911
  • Dispatch: 216.397.1234
  • JCUEMS Dispatch: 216.397.1234
  • JCUPD Main Office: 216.397.1615
  • JCUPD Chief: 216.397.1974
  • JCUPD Sergeant: 216.397.4401
  • Tip Line: 216.397.1515