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What you should do

  1. Call John Carroll police dispatch at 216.397.1234
  2. Give the dispatcher the following information:
    a.) Your name
    b.) The location of the injured/ill person(s)
    c.) Type of injury or illness
    d.) Approximate age of victim(s)
    e.) Is the victim conscious?
    f.) Is the victim breathing?
    g.) Is the victim bleeding?
    h.) Any known medical condition of the victim(s)
    i.) Give a call back phone number in case there is a need for more information.
  3. Do not move the victim(s).
  4. Do not attempt to give medical care unless you are trained to do so.
  5. Stay with the victim(s) and reassure him/her until help arrives.

What will happen

  1. The dispatcher will notify John Carroll police, John Carroll EMS, and University Heights EMS as necessary from provided information.
  2. JCU Police (and JCUEMS if on duty) will respond and assess the situation for further response. University Heights EMS will be notified if necessary.
  3. JCU Police officers will give medical care if needed, according to their training, until EMS arrives.

Click here to download the pdf.

Important Phone Numbers

  • Emergency: 911
  • Dispatch: 216.397.1234
  • JCUEMS Dispatch: 216.397.1234
  • JCUPD Main Office: 216.397.1615
  • JCUPD Chief: 216.397.1974
  • JCUPD Sergeant: 216.397.4401
  • Tip Line: 216.397.1515