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The expanders below provide access to our online Assessment Information Guide, summaries of program-assessment plans, assessment reports, and access to core assessment information.

The Guide is available in two formats: a single pdf or as a series of individual files.

The Guide as a single pdf

The Guide as a series of files:

Pre-2024 Assessment Plan summaries are available on the Archived Plans and Reports page. As plans are updated (in years ending in 4 and 9), new versions will be linked here.

Pre-2024 Assessment Reports are available on the Archived Plans and Reports page.  Once Reports are reviewed, they will be available here or in the JCU Faculty & Staff Shared Google Drive.

On May 15, 2015, the Office of Academic Assessment hosted an on-campus free mini-conference to share the information learned by a small team of faculty who attended the Higher Learning Commission’s Annual Conference in late March. Forty-six members of the campus community pre-registered (25 of those with faculty status). There were at least six additional faculty members and more than four additional staff members who also attended at least one session.


group attending a conference

Conference Schedule

Evaluation Results

Opening Session–Accreditation 101

Breakout Session–Academic Program Review: Ensuring Quality in the Present and Future (presented by Mike Martin)

Breakout Session–A Survey of Currently Used Innovative Assessments for General Education Student Learning Outcomes (presented by Brendan Foreman)

Breakout Session–Campus-wide Assessment Strategies: Challenges and Opportunities (presented by Maria Marsilli)

Breakout Session–A Process-Oriented Approach for Establishing Student Learning Outcomes (presented by Rosanna Miguel)