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Student Parking Permit fees and any violations accrued by the student will be added to the Student's Banner Account.

These charges are placed on the student bill and, if not paid, can delay graduation or prevent class registration. 

Acceptance of a John Carroll University parking permit is an acknowledgment by the registrant that these parking policies have been read and understood and constitutes an agreement by the registrant to abide by the parking policies. Parking rules and regulations are subject to change.

Issuance of a parking permit does not assure the driver of an open parking space. Lack of a space is not considered a valid excuse for violation of the regulations.

A student may register only one vehicle. The student must be the owner (family or individually owned) or the primary operator of that vehicle and may not register the vehicle of another student.   Parking permits are not transferable between persons.

Resident Main Campus Permit: (LIMITED QUANTITY)

This permit is for JCU Juniors and Seniors residing in John Carroll Main Campus Residence Halls. This permit grants you permission to park on the Main Campus (in student parking only) and the overflow lot adjacent to the main entrance at Fairmount Circle.

JCU Apartment Permit: (LIMITED QUANTITY)

This permit is for JCU students residing in the Fairmount Circle Apartments. this permit is available for either a surface space or a garage space. These permits are ONLY valid at the Apartment Lot designated on the validation sticker.

Off-Site Parking Permits (Green Road Jewish Family Experience Center): (LIMITED QUANTITY)

This permit is for the Freshman and Sophomore students residing in John Carroll Residence Halls.

This permit is ONLY valid at the Off-Site Lot. 

Off-Site Permit holders are NOT granted main campus parking on the weekends.

Commuter Permit:

This permit is for all undergrad students commuting to campus. The permit is valid for main campus as well as the overflow lot adjacent to the main entrance at Fairmount Circle.

This permit DOES NOT allow for overnight parking.

Evening Permit:

This permit is for evening graduate students or other JCU students who attend only evening classes. This permit is valid from 3 PM until 3 AM.



Note: The parking permit number identifies your vehicle. If a permit is lost or stolen you must purchase a replacement permit. The cost of a replacement Hang Tag is $50.

Once a permit is purchased, students will only be permitted to park in that designated lot. Parking in a lot not designated on your hang tag will result in a violation.



Purchasing Window opens: 




All Students will receive a NEW permit referencing their designated lot.

  • The 24-25 Academic Year Permit is $300 for Main Campus Permits (Junior/Senior).

  • The 24-25 Academic Year Permit is $300 for Apartment Surface or $400 for Apartment Garage. (Jr/Sr)

  • The 24-25 Academic Year Permit is $300 for Off-Site Lots (Freshman/Sophomore).

  • The 24-25 Academic Year Permit is $250 for Commuter Students. 

  • The 24-25 Academic Year Evening Permit is $120. 

  • Charges for Parking Permits will be applied to your student account.
    • Payments can be made via cash/check at the Cashier's Office OR through your Banner account.