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John Carroll is a pedestrian campus with limited parking space. Therefore, parking on campus is a privilege closely regulated by the university. 

A vehicle must be parked in a lot appropriate to the permit it displays.

Lack of a space, or illegal parking by others, is not considered a valid excuse for violation of the John Carroll University Parking Regulations.

Students, staff and faculty may not at any time, park in designated Visitor Parking.

A violation of parking or traffic rules may result in a vehicle receiving a citation, or a warning citation. A citation results in a fine, which is either applied to the student account, paid by the violator, or appealed. Repeated violations of parking or traffic rules, and/or accumulation of parking fines may result in a vehicle being immobilized (booted) and/or towed at the owner’s expense. There may also be University administrative sanctions imposed through the Dean of Students Office.


Updates to Violation Fines will take place Fall 2023

Group A - $75 Fine

  • Fire lane/zone
  • Handicap zone
  • Altered / Concealed Permit
  • Designated RESERVED Parking

Group B - $50 Fine

  • Faculty/Staff/Administrator restriction
  • Student with Visitor Permit
  • Improper Permit for Lot
  • Expired Student Permit
  • Improper Display
  • No permit display
  • Non parking space
  • Blocking traffic lane
  • Expired visitor permit
  • Unreadable / Obstructed Permit
  • Outside of Marked Space
  • Other

Moving Violations

  • Stop sign - $35
  • One-way road - $35
  • Speed - $50
  • Reckless operation - $100
  • Failure to Yield to Pedestrian within Crosswalk - $35
  • Use of Handheld Communication Devices While Driving - $35
  • Other - $35


  • Payments can be made via cash/check at the Cashier's Office OR through your Banner account.

Please click here to access your Banner Account and Pay your Fine.

An appeal for a violation must be submitted within 14 days of the citation being issued. ​Decisions are made by an independent committee made up of JCU students and staff. The Committee meets every two weeks during the academic year. Committee decisions are final. After the committee meets, the person who received the citation will be notified of the outcome immediately. ​ If an appeal is granted, the fine will be credited back to the student account, otherwise all applicable fines will post to the Student's Account.

Please log into your Banner Account to Appeal your Violation.

You will follow the same process as you did when you registered your vehicle and requested your permit.

You will connect to the Ops-Com website.  Please allow up to 2 weeks for a response to your Appeal.

What are not valid reasons for appealing a parking citation?

A parking citation may not be appealed for the following reasons:

  • Lack of knowledge of the regulations

  • Forgetfulness

  • Parking for a short period

  • Running late for class or a meeting

  • Inability to find an authorized parking space

  • Having the wrong permit for the space used

  • Failure to obtain a visitor permit

  • Failure to notice parking signs

  • Failure to display a parking permit

  • Disagreement with, or inability to pay, the fines




  • Parking “boot” If a vehicle is repeatedly parked in violation of parking rules and/or citations are unpaid, the vehicle may be immobilized by a parking boot. In order to have the boot removed, the violator will need to see JCU Police Department to resolve the issue and/or pay outstanding fines. A vehicle may still be ticketed while booted, if it is parked in violation.

  • The first time a vehicle is immobilized (Booted) there is a $25.00 fee for the release. The person will need to pay the outstanding violations, and fees, to have the boot removed. At this time, the student will also be required to meet with the Dean of Students Office.

  • Towing: In addition to citations, vehicles not displaying an authorized permit, or that are illegally parked, may be towed off campus, at the owner’s expense. This includes any vehicle in a fire lane or blocking access to drives, or passageways, vehicles parked illegally in handicapped spaces, vehicles parked illegally in reserved spaces, vehicles parked illegally in faculty/staff/administrator spaces, or vehicles parked in visitor lots without a proper permit. Vehicles with general or restricted permits may not park overnight and may be towed.

  • If your vehicle has been towed from the John Carroll University campus because it was illegally parked, you may claim at United Towing Services, 21200 St. Clair Ave. (just south of I-90), Euclid, Ohio, 216-429-1243. Call ahead to make arrangements to claim your vehicle. PAYMENT IS CASH ONLY

  • Revocation of Parking Privileges: In addition to booting and towing, persons who repeatedly violate parking and traffic rules may have his/her campus parking privileges revoked at the discretion of the Chief of the John Carroll University Police Department or the Dean of Students.