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 Criteria and Procedures for Emeritus/Emerita Status

The criteria for Emeritus status are:

  1. At least ten years of full-time faculty status at John Carroll University following granting of tenure.
  1. A career of outstanding teaching, scholarship and service at John Carroll University, commensurate with the criteria outlined in the Faculty Handbook for the rank held by the candidate at the time of retirement.

Procedure for granting Emeritus status:

  1. When an eligible faculty member makes known to the department his or her intention to retire, the department will consider the faculty member for Emeritus status, unless the faculty member requests that the department not do so.
  1. The department will meet to consider the candidacy for Emeritus status within four months of being notified of the intent to retire.
  1. A simple majority vote of the faculty present at the meeting is necessary for a positive recommendation. Following the vote, the department chair will forward the department’s recommendation to the dean of the appropriate academic unit, along with a curriculum vitae of the faculty member and a summary—no longer than one typed page—of the faculty member’s accomplishments.
  1. The dean will then make a recommendation to the provost on whether or not Emeritus status is to be granted.
  1. The provost will make a final recommendation to the president of the University.
  1. The provost will communicate the president’s decision to the faculty member and the chair of the faculty member’s department. Any decision by the dean or provost which is not consistent with the recommendation of the department must be explained in writing to the department and the candidate.

Recommended by the Faculty Forum, January 18, 2000, and Approved by President Glynn, September 8, 2000
Revised by the Office of the Provost and Academic Vice President, March 7, 2017

A pdf of this document is here.