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Students in the Leadership Scholars Program are required to complete the coursework for the Leadership Minor (18 credits) as well as COMM 125H (3 credits). Between 12-15 of these credits also fulfill requirements in the John Carroll integrated core curriculum.

LP 101: Introduction to Leadership (1 credit) – Introduces the concept of leadership and the traits, values, characteristics, and behaviors that create effective leadership.

LP 102: Approaches to Leadership (1 credit) – Explores different theoretical and practical approaches to the practice and exercise of leadership behaviors.

LP 135: Leadership and Social Justice (3 credits) – Establishes a framework for understanding social justice issues and the roles leaders have in either alleviating or furthering injustices. Explores justice-related events and trends in relation to diverse populations.

LP 250: Global Leadership (3 credits) – Establishes a framework for understanding the various ways that leadership is viewed and expressed in cultures around the world. Explores globalization and justice issues that impact multiple countries as well as how leaders in government and business address these issues.

LP 304/340: Strategic Decisions (1 credit) – Explores the process of how to clearly define a problem or issue, separate strategy from tactics, and propose a reasonable and strategic set of solutions.

LP 401: Leadership in Society (1 credit) – Engages teams of students in partnering with off-site agencies to learn about organizational challenges, identify factors which contribute to the challenge, and identify effective solutions.

LP 402: Leadership Solutions (1 credit) – Engages teams of students in the implementation of solutions to address challenges experienced by off-site partner agencies.

LP 403: Leadership Evaluation (1 credit) – Requires students to synthesize and reflect upon the knowledge and skills developed throughout their leadership coursework and experiences.

Communications course (see options on leadership website)

Ethics course (see options on leadership website)

COMM 125H: Speech Communication (3 credits)

Principles of oral communication; application of theory as it relates to preparation and delivery of speeches. Leadership Scholars students will take this course as a cohort section.

Description of the Program

Please review the Overview & Background of the Leadership Scholars Program prior to applying for entry.

Requirements to Apply for the Leadership Scholars Program 

In order to apply for entry in Fall 2024, students need to:

  • Be an incoming first-year student
  • Have a minimum high school GPA of 2.8 (on a 4.0 scale).
  • Submit the Mission-Based Programs application found in your myJCU Gateway portal.
  • Please note that resumes, letters of recommendation, or other additional materials will not be considered in the scholarship selection process and should not be submitted with the video responses. We recognize that many incoming students have held leadership positions in high school and other venues. However, we are focusing on what students have learned from their various life experiences and how they can apply that knowledge to solve problems both on the JCU campus and beyond.

At this time, only first-time college freshmen are eligible to apply for entry into the Leadership Scholars Program.

Questions surrounding the program, application, or eligibility can be directed to Nick Grady, Director of Undergraduate Admission, at or (216)397-1980.