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Campus Strategy to Limit Energy Consumption


  • Energy conservation
  • Reduces monthly usage and peak demand charges on electric bills


  • Utilize Building Automation System (BAS) to set rooms that are not utilized during the summer to unoccupied mode. Use manual controls for areas not on BAS. Unoccupied mode reduces air flow and controls temperature to 80 degrees. (Consider relocating offices and classes to increase the number of unoccupied rooms.)
  • Reduce common area lighting to emergency lighting levels in Dolan Science Center and Library where safety is not compromised. Library lights can be controlled by the staff as needed.
  • Set air conditioning temperature to 76 degrees except for rooms/areas that must be maintained cooler. Can be done on Building Automation System in Dolan Science Center, the Boler School of Business, O’Malley, Administration Building, the Administration Annex, Grasselli Library & Breen Learning Center, Millor, Sutowski, and Murphy Hall. Utilize manual controls in other areas, and for window air conditioners.
  • Turn off air conditioning in unoccupied residence halls. In residence halls with only a few occupants, provide portable air conditions as needed and do not air condition the whole building.
  • Evaluate food service operation for opportunities to shut down coolers, refrigerators, and freezers; and opportunities to minimize areas used, lighting, ventilation, and exhaust hood operation.
  • Evaluate the possible reduction of the number of fume hoods needed

The below graphs are examples of typical summer weekly usage, and energy reductions during peak capacity events.

Picture with a graph about energy profiling
Another Picture with a graph about energy profiling