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Each building and area will be impacted during the different events in the Summer Energy Conservation Program.

Peak Demand Limiting:

  • Air Conditioning in all buildings will be set to 76 degrees except for rooms/areas that must be maintained cooler.
  • Set points will be changed via the Building Automation System (BAS) where controlled by a BAS. Some set points will be controlled manually by Facilities. Occupants are expected to control temperature to 76 degrees in rooms/ buildings that are not on a BAS and are not controlled by Facilities (i.e., Green Road Annex, ROTC, Career Center, and Counseling Center).
  • Common area lighting will be reduced to emergency lighting in the Dolan Science Center, Library, School of Business, and Shula Stadium in areas where safety is not compromised. Library lights and stadium lights can be controlled by the staff as needed. Other lighting can be controlled by Facilities as needed.
  • Dolan Science Center rooms that will not be used for extended periods during the summer will be set to unoccupied mode, which will provide minimal supply air and controls temperature to 80 degrees.
  • Set window air conditioners to control temperature to 76 degrees when occupied; turn off or adjust to higher temperature when room is unoccupied.
  • Turn off refrigerators, freezers, and other electrical appliances in all buildings when not needed for extended periods.

Demand Response Plan:

  • Implement Peak Load Limiting, if not in effect.
  • Air conditioning will be shut off in Bernet, Millor, and Murphy.
  • Except for critical rooms/areas, all cooling will be lost in the RecPlex, Rodman (1st and 2nd floors), School of Business, and Shula Stadium. (Critical rooms include Computer Head End, Phone Head End, Radio Station, Animal research, and approved individual spaces.)
  • Air conditioning will be maintained in the Administration Building for afternoon and evening classes.
  • Emergency lighting will remain on in all buildings. Some common area lighting will be turned off in the Administration Annex, the Administration Building, Library, Millor, Murphy, O’Malley, RecPlex, School of Business, and Hamlin.
  • Air handling equipment will shut down and ventilation will be lost in Hamlin and Campion.
  • If not needed for activities, shut down ventilation in Varsity Gym, Intramural gym, and the Dining Hall and kitchen.

Peak Load Contribution:

  • Implement Peak Load Limiting, if not in effect.
  • Turn off Stadium lights.
  • Turn off domestic hot water pumps in all buildings.
  • Turn off refrigerators and other electrical convenience appliances during the PLC period – done by individuals using appliances.