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Summary of Implications on Campus

Peak Demand Limiting – every day, all summer long

  • Utilize Building Automation System (BAS) to set air conditioning temperature to 76 degrees except for rooms/areas that must be maintained cooler.
  • Set rooms that are not utilized during the summer to unoccupied mode. Use manual controls for areas not on BAS. Unoccupied mode reduces air flow and controls temperature to 80 degrees. (Consider relocating offices and classes to increase the number of unoccupied rooms.)
  • Reduce common area lighting to emergency lighting levels in Dolan Science Center and Library where safety is not compromised. Library lights can be controlled by the staff as needed.

Demand Response Plan – as requested by PJM Grid Manager

  • Implement Peak Demand Limiting Plan if not in effect.
  • Start and transfer load to specified emergency generators.
  • Shutdown air conditioning in Bernet, Millor, Murphy, Rodman, Administration, Administration Annex, O’Malley, Library, Stadium, and RecPlex.
  • Can restore air conditioning during events based on temperature and/or humidity limits, depending on duration of the event.

Peak Load Contribution Plan (PLC) – rolling top five to eight days as projected by PJM Grid Operator

  • Implement Peak Load limiting plan if not in effect.
  • Shutdown all air conditioning except approved exceptions.
  • Turn off stadium lights.
  • Manually reduce ventilation in Varsity Gym, Intramural Gym, and Dining Hall.
  • Turn off domestic hot water pumps for all buildings.
  • Turn off refrigerators and other electrical convenience appliances during PLC period.