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The appeal process is a way for families to convey additional information that may not be captured on the FAFSA to Student Enrollment and Financial Services. In other cases, some families may have a change in circumstance that occurs after the FAFSA is filed. While other students may be experiencing  a unique situation regarding their family situation. We encourage these families to share their special circumstances with our office by completing a Financial Aid Appeal Form and/or Unusual Circumstance Form

The Appeal Committee meets weekly to discuss appeals and review family circumstances. An appeal review may result in no change to the award or it may result in the addition of institutional, state, and/or federal aid.

When submitting the Appeal Form, be sure to include a letter explaining your family’s financial situation and how that situation is not accurately represented on the FAFSA. Include any supporting documentation that substantiates your special circumstance.

Students will be notified via email or phone regarding the Appeal Committee’s decision. Students can view their revised award through their Student Profile account and see any associated award messages. All decisions are final and appeals will only be reconsidered if new information is submitted.

John Carroll University awards the best financial aid award we can within federal and state guidelines and within the limitations of our resources. Therefore, the idea that there is “room” for negotiating a better financial aid award is not realistic. The JCU Appeals process and Federal Special Circumstance process described above are the two ways that an adjustment can be made to a student’s financial aid award (separate funds are set up for these purposes). Every school has different resources and strategies and JCU will not change awards simply based on a student receiving more aid from another institution. Additionally, JCU will not process a financial aid appeal unless a FAFSA has been filed by the student.