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Federal Verification is an important part of the financial aid process. If you are selected for verification, these requirements must be met in order for us to disburse your financial aid. This includes your ability to work on campus and receive institutional aid. Federal Verification is a review process to check the accuracy of the information reported on the FAFSA submitted by students and their families. Adjustments to your award may be required if the process determines that FAFSA figures are incorrect.

Verification Process 

JCU notifies students that have been selected for verification by emailing each selected applicant regarding required documentation. You can check your financial aid status on the student’s profile to determine what documents to provide.

  • Federal Verification for the 2023-2024 academic year requires your 2021 income information.
  • All verification documents submitted to JCU should contain your student’s full name and student ID.
  • The priority deadline to complete the verification process is July 1st, 2023. This will ensure timely crediting of funds.


  1. Check your student profile to ensure the correct worksheet is submitted. These forms must be signed in ink as electronic signatures will not be accepted. If additional supporting documentation is required please submit with the worksheet.
  2. Verify taxable income for all taxpayers by submitting one of the following:

    1. Request a Tax Return Transcript through the IRS found here

    2. Submit a completed, signed copy of the federal tax return filed to the IRS, including all schedules.

    3. Select the IRS data retrieval process link through the FAFSA online.

      1. If you have an IRA and/or Pension Rollover on your 2021 Federal IRS Income Tax Return, review this chart to learn what happens and how to update the FAFSA information.  

  3. If you did not file a federal tax return, in addition to certifying on the verification form you will need a nonfiler form from the IRS found here.

  4. Check your student profile for additional information that may be required.

Please note: to ensure that there is no conflicting information if one family member is selected for verification, any additional family members attending John Carroll University could be institutionally selected for verification. 


If changes need to be made to your FAFSA, the school is required to submit these corrections to the federal processor who sends an electronic Student Aid Report (SAR) to the student. The revised SAR highlights the data that was changed and states these were made by the school. If these changes result in a change to your financial aid award, a notification will be sent to your JCU email.

If the FAFSA data was accurate and no changes were made to the award a message will be populated on your student account stating verification is complete.

For more information about what determines your award eligibility visit our Financing a JCU Education Page.

If you chose not to complete the process you should send a written notification to the office of Student Enrollment and Financial Services. All federal aid will be revoked.

If you do not complete the verification process before your last date of attendance all federal aid will be rescinded. Unless you are eligible for late disbursement which may allow additional time to submit the materials. This timeline is September16, 2023 for 2022- 2023 and expected to be September 21, 2021 for the 2023-24 academic year. or 120 days after the last date of attendance whichever comes first.

In rare cases, a student who has already been credited with federal aid may become selected for verification. If this happens JCU will send notification by email. Failure to comply with the verification requirements will result in aid (already disbursed) being canceled which may result in a balance owed to the school.

Verification Forms

If you are selected for verification, Student Enrollment and Financial Services will instruct you as to which form(s) you need to submit. The verification process can take up to two weeks. It is important to submit all requested documents prior to July 1 or within 14 days of the initial request so that your award can be finalized prior to the start of the term. Once the verification process is complete, your financial aid will appear as a credit on your billing statement.

Untaxed income and other items that may be verified include: