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​If you have been a target or witness of bias-related behaviors, please consider the following:

  • If you are in an emergency situation (need medical attention or feel unsafe) call JCUPD at 216.397.1234 or local emergency services at 911.
  • Preserve the evidence:
    • Written slur, graffiti, and/or text message – do not erase the text.
    • Email, Facebook message, etc. – print as soon as possible.
    • Voicemail message – save it. Do not erase the recorded message.
    • Take a picture or video record the evidence (graffiti, physical injuries, license plate, or anything else relevant).
    • Verbal incident/altercation – Immediately write down everything that was said.
  • Witnesses – Gather witness information and encourage them to submit a report/document what they observed. Documents, pictures, etc., can be uploaded on the form.
  • You do not have to determine whether or not the offensive conduct constitutes bias-related behaviors. Report the incident and the Bias Response Team will begin the investigation process to determine the best way to address the incident.
  • The incident will be handled in a private manner, except in cases where the University is required by law to notify the community. In cases of notification, the person reporting the behaviors/targeted person will be consulted to determine the appropriate communication to the community.
  • It is best to report behaviors as soon as possible to facilitate the investigation.

Updated January 7, 2019