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Should I identify myself in my bias report?

When filing a bias report, filers have three options for how private they wish to remain. A report can be filed as identified, private or anonymous.

1) Identified: An “identified” bias report is a report for which the reporting person is willing to have his or her name used in order to investigate the concern, including with the individual alleged to have engaged in bias. JCU is best able to investigate and take appropriate action as warranted on “identified” reports because of the ability to use the reporting person’s name. Even for an “identified” bias report, JCU will only share your name with those necessary to be aware of the report in order to investigate the concern raised.

2) Private: A report requested to be kept “private” means that JCU will attempt to keep the investigation of the bias report private to the extent possible by sharing the information only with those who need to be aware of the report in order to investigate the concern raised. For private bias reports, JCU will only share your name with the individual you have alleged to engage in bias after weighing the need to do so in light of a number of factors, including the seriousness and nature of the report, the effect of the incident on the campus community, the ability to investigate the matter fully, and/or the ability to assure a fundamentally fair process. You will be informed when JCU needs to share your identity with the person alleged to have engaged in bias.

3) Anonymous: A report is anonymous if the reporting person does not provide his or her name or other identifying information. JCU is limited in its ability to investigate and/or take appropriate action as to anonymous complaints. While JCU will review such complaints, JCU may not be able to investigate or take any action if the reporting person has not provided his or her name. As a result, anonymous reports are not encouraged.

Why is there no option here for a “confidential” report?
All bias reports are handled with concern for the privacy of those filing reports and those who are alleged to be offenders. However, the bias reporting system is NOT a confidential reporting option.

Confidential reporting options are reports made to individuals who, because of their professional status, are prohibited by law from revealing a reporting person’s identity or facts of a conversation, unless an imminent threat to the individual or others exists. JCU has a number of confidential reporting sources available to members of the University community, including the University Counseling Center, the University Health Center, priests engaged in pastoral counseling, or the licensed providers available through the University’s employee assistance program.

If you wish to make a confidential report, please report the issue to a confidential reporting option. These confidential reporting options can discuss with you options available to you for reporting in a non-confidential manner, such as the Bias Reporting System, if you wish to do so.


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