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Bias-related behaviors are actions that:

  • Intimidate,
  • Mock,
  • Demean,
  • Degrade,
  • Marginalize, or
  • Threaten

Any person or group because of their actual or perceived:

  • Race,
  • Age,
  • Color,
  • Sex,
  • Sexual orientation,
  • Gender identity or expression,
  • Religion,
  • Ethnic or national origin,
  • Disability,
  • Military or veteran status protected under federal law, or
  • Genetic information.

Examples of Bias-Related Incidents reported here at JCU:

  • Staff member reported an unidentified student carrying a sign with an ethnic slur written on it.
  • Report received about an off-campus party with a theme featuring ethnic stereotyping.
  • Report of campus visitor distributing letters on campus containing anti-gay invective.
  • Student reported offensive sexist comments from a faculty member in the classroom.
  • Staff member reported that a “Black Lives Matter” sign on an office door had been defaced.
  • A student overheard another student use a slur involving perceived sexual orientation.

Last updated: January 7, 2019