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What is the purpose of the Bias Reports?

This reporting system was created to assist members of the community in bringing incidents of bias to the attention of the University.

If a John Carroll University community member experiences, witnesses, or hears about an incident of bias, that person is encouraged to report the incident using the bias report form. The report will be reviewed by the bias response team, who will, if necessary and possible, follow up with the complainant to discuss the process, keep them informed of action taken, and direct them to appropriate campus resources.

All reported incidents of bias are taken seriously and handled with care and compassion for all involved.

How does the use of bias reporting affect our disciplinary procedures for students and employees?

The reporting system does not create a new category of prohibited behavior or a new process for members of the University community to be disciplined or sanctioned. When reported conduct is subject to existing University disciplinary or judicial procedures, referral services will be provided by the BR Team. For example, if conduct by a faculty member is reported as a bias incident, the matter will be pursued through applicable procedures set forth in the Faculty Handbook. Reported incidents that do not rise to the level of outright conduct violations may be addressed by the Bias Response Team by other means, such as educational conversations or consciousness-raising activities, in order to mitigate and heal the harm caused to our community by bias-related behaviors.

What resources are available to learn about how to confront and challenge bias?

John Carroll University provides resources and support to its community members affected by incidents of bias. Below is a list of some campus resources:

Further resources: