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Essentials for Managing Health

1. Make sure you have health insurance - Ask your parents, guardian or other family member about your health insurance provider. You will need an insurance card, or the information from an insurance card. If you find you don't have health insurance, visit for more information. Major healthcare systems like Cleveland Clinic, Metrohealth, or University Hospitals (in the Cleveland area) provide income-based healthcare programs. 

  •      Cleveland Clinic:
  •      Metrohealth:
  •      University Hospitals:

2. Know where to go for care - Check with your insurance provider to see if you have mental health benefits by calling the customer service number on the card or on your insurer's website. You will need the information from #1 above to get this information. Ask about any copays you might have (the amount that you have to pay out of pocket). Most healthcare companies have directories online that show if providers are "in network," meaning, they are covered by your healthcare provider. You can also call your insurance agent. You can also go to, and select your insurance type, area and other factors to find providers that fit your specific needs. 

Tips for Understanding Health Insurance

Q: How do I better understand language surrounding health insurance? 

There can be a lot of confusing terms when it comes to health insurance, but understanding some of the language can increase your confidence in using it. Check out this glossary of terms:


Q: What are some other ways of staying informed about health insurance?

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