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Registration Dates and Deadlines

For important registration dates and deadlines, please visit the Registrar's Calendar.

Registration Information:

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Other Schedule Information:

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Current JCU students register for the following semester approximately six weeks prior to the close of the fall and spring semesters. Students are given a date and time to register based on their earned hours (not including hours in progress). The registration period is divided over four weeks, with Graduate students registering during the first week, followed by current Seniors, Juniors, Sophomores and First Year students. All other students may register at the end of this four-week period.

Students may view their registration time by logging into their Student Profile and clicking on "Registration Notices" in the top right-hand corner.

Some Undergraduate students may qualify for priority registration, which enables them to register the day before the rest of their cohort. Further information on who is eligible for priority registration is available in the Undergraduate Bulletin.


Registration for current students occurs online via "Registration and Planning" in Banner self-service

Students are encouraged to discuss their plan of study and semester schedules with their advisor before registration begins. Students can use the Plan Ahead feature in their Student Profile to plan out their semester schedules as soon as the class schedule is published. 

The list of available courses is available in the Class Schedule Search menu. Please select the correct semester and use the filter functions to find specific courses to complete your major, minor, or core requirements.  

Visiting students should complete the Visiting Student form and follow the directions on the Admissions website.


To find if you have any registration holds and to find out what time and date you can register, log into your student profile:

  • Visit
  • On the right side of the page, click on the "Students" drop-down menu.
  • Select "Student Profile" .
  • Log in using your campus network ID and password
  • Update the term above your profile picture to the term you are registering for (e.g. Fall 2021 or Spring 2022).
  • Click on Registration Notices on the right side of the page. This will list your Academic Standing, Student Status, Enrollment Status and Time Ticket. 
  • Click on Holds to view any holds on your academic account.


Students may choose to waitlist themselves for a course that is already full. If a seat becomes available, the first student on the waitlist will be notified that they can register. Students have 24 hours to register via "Registration and Planning" in Banner self-service. If you do not register within that 24-hour period, you will be removed from the waitlist and the next student on the list will be notified that they can register. You must register yourself, the system will not automatically register you for a waitlisted class. Additionally, please remember that being on a waitlist does not guarantee you a seat in the class. We encourage you to talk with your advisor about back-up courses.

Students may also talk with the Chair of the department offering the class and ask for a capacity override to be able to register for the course. Capacity overrides are granted at the discretion of the Department Chair only, not the course instructor.  


Repeat error: If you have already received credit for a course, you cannot receive credit a second time. Students who wish to repeat a course must 1) meet eligibility requirements as described in the Course Attempt policy in the Bulletin, and 2) submit a petition to be approved to repeat the course.

Pre-Requisite error: Students must meet all pre-requisite course requirements in order to register for a given course. Pre-requisite information can be found by clicking on the course title when searching for courses. If a student believes that they have met pre-requisite requirements, or will be completing the pre-requisite before the new course starts, they may submit a petition to request a pre-requisite override via the academic petition system in the Student Profile.

Corequisite error: Courses taken together (e.g., lectures and labs, linked pairs) must be registered for at the same time. Please make sure that both courses are in your registration "cart" before hitting submit. 

Time Conflict error: This indicates that one course is overlapping the same time period as another. Depending on the amount of overlap, students may request a time conflict override. However, the instructors of BOTH classes must agree to the override. In most cases, we strongly encourage students to find another course at a different time.

Curriculum/Program/Field of Study restriction error: This indicates that a course is open only to students in a given program (e.g., Honors, Arrupe, or a specific major). Overrides can be requested, but it is recommended that students seek another section of the course, or contact the Department Chair for more information. 

Instructor/Department Chair error:  Permission by the instructor or department chair is necessary to register for this course. Please contact the instructor or department chair for help.


Students may add or drop courses without penalty throughout the registration period up through the end of the first week of classes (see specific Add/Drop deadlines on the Registrar's Calendar). All new undergraduate students are reminded that they will be permitted to make changes (adding, dropping, or withdrawing) to their registration after obtaining permission from their academic advisor. Students can complete the Request to Change Course Schedule form which will be forwarded to the advisor for review/approval. Courses dropped after the add/drop deadline will result in a 'W' on the student's transcript. 


For full time courses, after the first week of the semester (i.e., Add/Drop week), students may withdraw from a course by logging into Registration and Planning in Banner Self-Service. Part of term courses have different registration dates and deadlines. Students must withdraw by the withdrawal deadline indicated on the Registrar's Calendar. Refund information can be found on the Student Enrollment & Financial Services website. All new undergraduate students are reminded that they will be permitted to make changes (adding, dropping, or withdrawing) to their registration after obtaining permission from their academic advisor. Students can complete the Request to Change Course Schedule form which will be forwarded to the advisor for review/approval. When a student withdraws from a course a 'W' appears on the student's transcript. The 'W' will not affect a student's GPA or total number of credits. 


Students may elect to audit a course for enrichment purposes or as preparation for advanced study. An Audit course does not fulfill degree requirements and course credit is not awarded. Students must complete and return the Course Audit form to the Enrollment Office by the semester deadline. Once a course has been changed to "audit" status, it cannot be changed back to graded status. Please see the Audit policy in the Undergraduate Bulletin for more information on tuition charges for audited courses.


The normal course load for full-time undergraduate students is 15 to 18 credit hours per semester, but will vary with students’ curriculum and scholarship record. The minimum course load for full-time students is 12 credit hours. 

  • Undergraduate students: 18 hours maximum
  • Graduate students: 6 hours minimum 

On occasion, students may need to exceed the maximum number of credit hours in a given semester. Students must submit a petition for a course overload via the academic petition system in the Student Profile. More information on the criteria for approving overload requests, please see the full Student Course Load policy in the Bulletin.





More information regarding the total cost of attendance can be found here.