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CITI Training FAQ List

1. What is CITI training?

The Collaborative Institutional Training Initiative is a web based program designed to provide training in various research topics. The IRB requires all investigators who submit applications to complete a CITI course in human subjects research.

2. Why did the John Carroll IRB select CITI to provide training?

The program by the Collaborative Institutional Training Initiative was selected because it was created by content experts from 10 institutions, is widely accepted at most universities and research institutions, easily accessible, and cost effective in comparison with other options. Founded in 2000, CITI is continually updated in response to current events and changes in federal regulations.

The mission of the CITI Program is “To promote the public’s trust in the research enterprise by providing high quality, web based, research ethics educational materials to enhance the integrity and professionalism of investigators and staff conducting research.”

3. Who at John Carroll should complete the human subjects portion of the CITI training?

All key personnel (researchers, student researchers, and their sponsors) who are engaged in human subjects research must complete CITI training before an IRB application is considered complete. All IRB members must complete the member training as well.

4. What elective modules should I take to fulfill training requirements?

The electives should match the type of research you plan on conducting. For example, if you are doing survey research over the Internet, we would expect you to select the Internet Research module as an elective. Users can take additional elective or optional modules, if they would like.

5. What other courses are available on the John Carroll CITI site?

There are many options beyond Human Subjects Research training. We’ve added the FCOI course (Financial Conflict of Interest) for those researchers who are planning to submit a  grant proposal to the National Institutes of Health and any other PHS agency. The course is  designed to comply with new NIH requirements.  Research students on federal grants may be required to take the RCR (Responsible Conduct in Research) course and some designated students may be required to take the HIPS (Heath Information Privacy & Security) course. IACUC courses are available to John Carroll animal researchers.

In 2018, courses in Good Clinical Practice (GCP) were made available, and additional “hot topic” modules were added as options to the human subjects research courses. Note that all courses are available for free to the John Carroll community.  You do not need to be enrolled in a particular course to take any of the CITI training courses.

6. How does CITI work?

Users can log into the CITI site under the John Carroll affiliation by creating a new user name and password. Faculty sponsors of student research should complete the IRB Researchers and Sponsorscourse with the addition of the “Students in Research” elective module.

Each course is comprised of several short modules. Most modules are completed by taking a short quiz with a passing score of 85 percent. Users can log in and out of the site to complete the course and can retake the quiz to achieve a passing score.

When the course has been completed, the user can print out a list of modules taken. The IRB office can also track who has completed which course.

7. How do I log into the CITI system?

Users can log into the system from any Internet-connected device. Currently, new users are required to register by creating a user name and password and by selecting John Carroll University for their affiliation. For more information, click here.

8. I’ve forgotten my password or my username. Can you reset it?

No, but you can have the CITI site reset it for you automatically. Click on the link “Forgot?” inside the login box for Username or Password on the CITI login page. Your security question may be required.

9. Who can I contact for questions or help?

Feel free to contact the IRB office at extension 1527 or stop by the office in AD250 or you can email the IRB Administrator. Questions and comments are welcome and we are looking for feedback on the program.

10. I’ve already taken CITI training at another university. Do I need to take it again?

If you’ve completed CITI training within the last three years, you don’t need to take it again unless special modules are required for the type of research you are proposing. You can print off your CITI certificate and send it to the IRB office or you can associate your profile with John Carroll.

11. I’m going to graduate school at another university. Will CITI training be accepted at the other university?

Most universities will accept the CITI program to meet the requirement of training in the ethical conduct of human subjects research. You can print off the completion report and provide it to professors or to the IRB office. If your new institution has a CITI subscription, you can affiliate with your new institution.

Updated 6/6/2019